My Hero Academia: Invisible Girl Gets An Official Controversial Poster

The first episode of My Hero Academia’s sixth season, one of this fall’s top anime series that is likely to break the internet, will finally air this week. On the manga side of My Hero Academia, the fight between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front is heating up. Still, My Hero Academia is trending on Twitter today for a slightly different reason.

my hero academia invisible girl design

A new cover page of My Hero Academia’s upcoming chapter is not related to the events of what is happening in the manga at all. Instead, the new colour page features Invisible Girl (Tohru Hagakure) from class 1-A, drawn by the creator, Kohei Horikoshi.

Invisible Girl’s first appearance had already been revealed in chapter 337 of the manga, where only a portion of her face could be seen. In the new illustration, we can see Tohru’s official eye and hair colour, but the problem is that she is drawn without any clothes.

In the new illustration, Hagakure is depicted sitting on her legs, dressed in her hero costume, which we recall being merely gloves and boots.

my hero academia invisible girl

A Twitter user, Shone Leaks, posted the colour image, which has gone viral, gathering more than 40k likes and 4000 retweets. The leak has ended up creating controversy as many fans spoke out that she is a minor (age 15) and shouldn’t be drawn that way.

Here are some of the Tweets criticizing this illustration:

Lemme guess, shes a minor…

Interesting how Horikoshi creates actually good character designs for adult women but only to violently kill or injure them but then he’ll draw 15 year old girls na**d

The new MHA cover is worse bc the design genuinely looks cool as hell but the only time we actually see it is Hagakure being sexualized cmon Horikoshi what the f**k

You people act like horikoshi is some type of woke mangaka for adding 3 lgbt characters (only one who’s still relevant) and then you are shocked when he just act like the rest of the shonen mangakas

Toru Hagakure is a high school student from UA who attends class 1-A same as the protagonist Deku. Her quirk is Invisibility, which makes her practically invisible. Hagakure was initially supposed to be a male character, but the author later changed his mind because the concept of an invisible girl seemed more fun to him.

Source: Shonenleaks (Twitter)

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