15 Best Anime Releasing In October 2022

With the successful close of the fantastic Summer anime season of 2022, we await the arrival of the Fall anime Season which starts in October. The fall 2022 anime season is looking pretty promising with many new anime and some most awaited sequel anime series that fans have been waiting for years.

We shall dive into the top 15 of the most awaited anime series starting in October 2022.

15. Housing Complex C


Housing Complex C was announced as an original anime series by Adult Swim at the start of this year. It will be produced by the President of Production I.G USA, Maki Terashima-Furuta. Maki is famous for her work in the popular Sci-fi anime series FLCL (Fooly Cooly).

“Housing Complex C” is a horror series that follows the story of a girl named Kimi who is living in a small housing apartment in the seaside town of Kurosaki. The name of this apartment is Housing Complex C and Kimi faces unusual events here every day. Is she being followed by a mysterious figure, or is that just her imagination?

  • Release date: October 2
  • Animation Studio: Studio Akatsuki
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

14. Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super Extra (Season 2)

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super Extra (Season 2)

Season 1 of “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time” gained quite a popularity despite it having only 12 minutes per episode, leading to the announcement of season 2 of the anime. It might not be that popular among most anime fans, but, it is quite well known among the Ecchi anime fandom.

“Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time” is an Ecchi series that follows the story of Peter Grill, a warrior who proves himself in front of the world as the strongest. As he has accomplished everything, he wants to spend his life with his lover, Luvelia.

But unfortunately, the news of his power was spread throughout the world and now; every specie wants Peter to breed in their race to give them powerful offspring. Now, Peter saves himself from indulging in adultery every day as beautiful women chase him.

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  • Release Date: October 10
  • Animation Studio: Seven Studio and Wolfsbane Studio.
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

13. I Somehow Became Stronger by Raising Farming-Related Skills

I Somehow Became Stronger by Raising Farming-Related Skills

This title started as a web novel which after completion, was adapted into a light novel because of its immense popularity. Now, it is being adapted into a manga and its anime adaptation was announced just at the start of this year.

“I Somehow Became Stronger by Raising Farming-Related Skills” is an adventure-fantasy series that follows the story of Al Wayne, a young man who has a job as a farmer in a fantasy world.

He is pretty good at this job and likes to upgrade his stats as a farmer. But with his farming states, his other states also increase. When he maxes out his last farming stat, he becomes overpowered and now, he only wants to spend his life as an ordinary farmer. Will he be able to do that with his overpowered status?

  • Release Date: October 1
  • Animation Studio: Studio A-Cat
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

12. More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers

More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers

With its manga series having sold more than eight hundred thousand copies to this day, the “More than a married couple, but not lover” anime adaptation was announced just a few months ago.

It is a Rom-Com that follows the story of four high school students, Shiori, Akari, Jirou, and Minami. Shiori has had a crush on Jirou since childhood, and Akari has a crush on Minami so badly that she wants to marry him no matter what.

All of these students are forced to participate in an exercise called “Couple Practical” where students are paired as couples and they all must demonstrate that they have the capabilities to spend life as a married couple and show how to tackle issues when together.

Unfortunately, Shiori is paired with Minami, and Akari is paired with Jirou. Now, to become a pair with their crush, all of them must act as a married couple!

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  • Release Date: October 9
  • Animation Studio: studio MOTHER.
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

11. Reincarnated as a Sword

Reincarnated as a Sword

“Reincarnated as a Sword” started as a simple web novel on the internet and was later licensed by the company Micro Magazine as a proper light novel. It started publishing volumes as a proper light novel, and soon, the manga adaptation was also announced. The announcement of the anime adaptation was made in March of this year.

It is an action-fantasy anime series that follows the story of our protagonist who gets reincarnated as a sword into another world. He gets reincarnated during the war and is picked up by Fran, a weak beast-girl. The protagonist saves her from some bandits and learns about her past. Now, both partner up to save weak people from oppression and set an example of justice!

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  • Release Date: October 5
  • Animation Studio: Studio C2C.
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

10. Urusei Yatsura (2022)

Urusei Yatsura (2022)

Urusei Yatsura is the remake of the famous Rom-Com of the 1980s. It was pretty popular during its time and now, the new generation of anime fans will be able to witness it in a new animation style. The manga of “Urusei Yatsura” won the Shogakukan Award for the best Shounen Manga in 1980, leading to its anime adaptation in 1981.

Urusei Yatsura is an Ecchi ROM-COM that follows the story of Ataru Moroboshi, a lecherous young man with horrible luck. One day, when Earth gets invaded by aliens, Ataru is selected as the representative of humanity. He now has to play a game of Tag with Lum, the alien leader’s boss, and win to save Earth. He wins here luckily, and now, some misunderstandings happen, which lead to Lum now living with Ataru. What lecherous events follow the life of both these youngsters living together?

  • Release Date: October 14
  • Animation Studio: David Production
  • Number of Episodes: 46 episodes.

9. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3

“Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” has been popular since its manga started. In August this year, the announcement of the third season was made after the successful run of the first two seasons. With its manga series having sold more than two million copies to this day, it remains one of the best fantasy manga of modern time.

It is a comedy-fantasy series that follows the story of Iruma, a young boy, who has to earn money for his parents despite being very young. One day, he learns that his parents sold him to the demon Sullivan. But Sullivan only wants a grandchild and wants Iruma to attend the demon school Babyls. But Iruma has to keep a low profile here to avoid the possibility of others knowing he is a human. Will Iruma be able to survive here without anyone knowing he is a human?

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  • Release Date: October 8
  • Animation Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures
  • Number of Episodes: 21 episodes.

8. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Double (Season 2)

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Double (Season 2)

“Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” has been popular for controversial reasons since the manga days. But despite all this, it sold more than two million copies and after the successful run of the first season, the second season is just around the corner. The announcement of the 2nd season was made shortly after the first season ended.

It is an Ecchi-romance series that follows the story of Sakurai, a teenage boy, who reunites with his junior Uzaki as they meet in college by chance. The image Sakurai had of Uzaki in high school was of a quiet girl who likes to read books only. But now, Uzaki is an annoying girl who always wants to play and enjoy her youth. Sakurai is an introvert since high school, will he be able to handle Uzaki’s shenanigans every day?

  • Release Date: October 1
  • Animation Studio: Studio ENGI
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

7. Blue Lock

Blue Lock

“Blue Lock” made the headlines immediately after its first chapter. It has been extremely popular since then and with the sale of almost 5.5 million copies, its anime adaptation announcement was made. Its first teaser trailer was released in August last year and it was enough to hype the sports anime fans all around the world. With the successful run of Aoashi last Summer Season, the future of this series also looks very bright. It also won the best Shounen manga award in the Kodansha Manga Awards.

“Blue Lock” is a Shounen-Sports manga that takes place after the loss of Japan in the Soccer World World. Japan now appoints the eccentric coach Jinpachi to have succeeded in the competition. Jinpachi immediately established a facility called “Blue Lock” where he gathers rookie strikers from the high schools in Japan and lets them fight until a single individual emerges from the “Blue Lock” who will be the perfect striker for the team. How far will he go to make the team better, or perfect?

  • Release Date: 9 October
  • Animation Studio: Studio 8bit.
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

6. To Your Eternity Season 2

To Your Eternity Season 2

To Your Eternity was one of unique anime series to be released last year. Its first episode created such an impact that it was extremely popular throughout its screening, and now with the announcement of the second season, the fans are delighted. Although the manga didn’t sell that much due to the story being prolonged unnecessarily, the new season still holds a lot of potential.

To Your Eternity is a Psychological Slice-of-Life series that follows the story of an Orb that is sent from God on earth to learn from its surroundings. When the Orb lands on the Earth, it becomes a rock and then a moss particle. After that, it wanders around, flying until it meets a wounded bear and attains its shape. The bear dies, and now the Orb goes to the bear’s master in the form of the bear.

The master is also on the verge of death, and when he dies, the Orb attains the master’s form and goes on a search to learn human emotions and feelings. Will this Orb learn what it means to be human?

  • Release Date: October 23
  • Animation Studio: Studio Drive
  • Number of Episodes: 20 episodes

5. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

This October marks the return of one of the Big Three of Anime, Bleach, and not only that, it also marks the arrival of the final arc of this series, Thousand-Year Blood War. Bleach will return almost 10 years after the airing of the last episode in 2012. Anime fans have been on cloud nine since its return was announced a year ago from today. So be prepared!

“Bleach” follows the story of Ichigo, a teenage boy whose family is one day attacked by a Hollow, a creature that devours human souls. Luckily, his family is saved by Rukia, a Soul Reaper. But she is injured after fighting the Reaper, and she offers Ichigo to accept his power.

In the spur of the moment, Ichigo accepts her power, and he is now a Soul Reaper. She gives him the task of fighting all the Hollows in his town, and his classmates join him in this mission. Will they be able to eradicate these creatures from the town, or is there something more sinister behind all this?

  • Release Date: October 11
  • Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot.
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

4. My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia Season 6

With a non-perfect run of the fifth season, “My Hero Academia Season 6” was announced a few months ago. With its manga having sold almost 65 million copies, it is undoubtedly one of the best shounen manga ever to exist.

Although the first few seasons of this series have been a banger, the later few seasons didn’t live up to the hype. Fans have high hopes for season 6 as it will feature the franchise’s biggest fight, i.e. Heroes vs. The Paranormal Liberation Front.

“My Hero Academia” is a pure Shounen anime that takes place in a world where people are born with powers known as Quirks. Well, not everyone has these quirks, and our protagonist, Midoriya, is one of them.

One day, he has a chance encounter with the strongest hero of humanity, All Might, who senses something special in him. So, All Might transferred his power to Midoriya, and now, we witness how Midoriya will one day become the strongest hero ever known to mankind!

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  • Release Date: October 1
  • Animation Studio: Studio bones
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

3. Spy x Family Part 2

spy x family part 2

“Spy x Family” is a top-rated manga series that has sold almost 22 million copies to this day. After a perfect run of Part 1 of the first season of the series, fans await part two, which is just around the corner.

It follows the story of a spy named “Twilight” who is given a mission to infiltrate a school to gain information about its principal, who is a possible criminal. He is given the name Loid Forger, and now he has to make a family in a few days.

He adopts a little girl named “Anya” from an orphanage and agrees with a woman named “Yor” to be his wife. He does not know that his daughter is an esper and his wife is an assassin who goes by the name “Thorn Princess.” Will these three be able to live together and know the feeling of having a family?

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  • Release Date: October 1
  • Animation Studio: CloverWorks Studio and Wit Studio
  • Number of Episodes: 13 episodes

2. Mob Psycho 100 III (Season 3)

Mob Psycho 100 III (Season 3)

Returning after almost three years, the announcement of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 was made almost a year ago today and its fans have been ecstatic since then. The first two seasons of this Mob Psycho 100 have been decent and their animation was consistent. We hope this season will also live up to the hype and will the hearts of people.

“Mob Psycho 100” is a shounen anime that follows the story of Shigeo, a high school boy, who works as a psychic for a fake esper. Every day, Shigeo tries to be a better and strong person so that his childhood friend, Tsubomi Takane notices him. But his daily life of him is filled with exorcising ghosts and being chased by villains. Will Mob gain the attention of his childhood friend in these critical conditions?

  • Release Date: October 6
  • Animation Studio: Studio bones
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)


Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man might be the most anticipated anime season as it was announced two years ago, and anime fans have been hyping it since then. After the announcement, it had its ups and downs because of the voice actors selection being relatively new, but it will be a masterpiece nonetheless as it is about to air in a few weeks.

“Chainsaw Man” is a dark-action series that follows the story of Denji, a teenage boy, who is forced to pay his father’s debts after his death by killing demons. One day, Denji is almost killed by these yakuza people, but he is saved by his pet, Pochita, who becomes his heart, and now Denji can transform his body parts into chainsaws.

His only dream in life is to spend an everyday life with his lover and now, after obtaining this power, he pursues his goal of spending an everyday teenage life. Or does he?

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  • Release Date: October 12
  • Animation Studio: Studio MAPPA
  • Number of Episodes: TBA (To Be Announced)

Are you guys excited about these 15 anime serials that are about to be released in October 2022? Or are you guys excited for some other anime that is not mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section. We here at Anime Senpai would love to hear from you.

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