My Hero Academia Live Action: Rumoured Cast and Potential Shift to Series Format

In the world of entertainment, no sector is immune to the swirl of rumors that often circulates, and the anime industry is no exception.

The most recent rumor concerned the anticipated announcement of “Chainsaw Man Season 2” at the Mappa Stage 2023. However, just like many rumors, this turned out to be baseless.

A fresh rumor has now surfaced, sending shockwaves through the anime community, especially among fans of “My Hero Academia.” The show has enjoyed immense popularity since its first season, even topping the charts as the most-watched show in North America during the pandemic.

Therefore, it didn’t surprise many when Netflix confirmed a live-action adaptation of the series last year, stating that script work was already underway. Since that announcement, no further details have been officially made public.

A recent update on IMDb reportedly showed the main cast of the live-action adaptation of My Hero Academia. The new information came out of nowhere, as Netflix has not given any kind of update since the film was greenlit.

The rumored casting included David Mazouz as Deku, Isaac Hempstead as IIDA, Jace Norman as Bakugo, Graham Verchere as Shoto, and Isabel Gameros as Ochaco.

Fans took to Twitter to express their discontent, as all of the characters from My Hero Academia are Japanese but were allegedly to be portrayed by non-Japanese actors in the adaptation.

Another rumor on Twitter from an account with more than 100k followers suggested that Netflix is reportedly changing the format of My Hero Academia live-action from a movie to a series.

Not long after the rumors began circulating, the majority of the cast names were removed from the IMDB page, leaving fans guessing who was responsible for the removal.

Speculations are rife that Netflix, seeing the backlash caused by the casting rumors on social media, could have been the ones to have the names taken down. Netflix’s previous live-action adaptations of popular anime, such as Death Note and Bleach, haven’t been received well by fans, prompting some to call for the cancellation of the My Hero Academia adaptation.

While there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding this project, fans can look forward to more information regarding the cast, plot, and release date.

As of now, it seems they might have to be patient since it appears Netflix is currently directing its focus towards the live-action series of One Piece, set to premiere later this year.

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