My Hero Academia Manga’s Repeated Breaks Have Fans Worried About the Author’s Health

Ever since Shueisha started publishing the final arc of My Hero Academia, fans have wanted more and more of the series.

Unfortunately, it looks like My Hero Academia will be on hold once again due to health concerns by Horikoshi Kohei, the author of the manga.

Taking the world by storm, My Hero Academia is one of the most successful manga of all time, having 85 Million copies in circulation and grabbing the fifth spot in the top-selling manga of 2022.

The anime is also incredibly successful, being the second most watched series in North America during the pandemic and the top superhero series as well, beating blockbusters such as The Boys and Invisible.

Horikoshi’s Continous Breaks

It’s no secret of the excruciating work mangakas undertakes to produce chapters. Tight deadlines, hours hunched over a table, and stress all contribute to health issues that have crippled many authors.

Coupled with the fact that there’s huge pressure on Horikoshi for My Hero to perform well, it’s no surprise of the many breaks he has taken over the years.

Just this March, Horikoshi delayed releasing a chapter for two weeks due to poor health. He also took a break for one week in December 2022 and another one in February 2023.

The upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia (chapter 390) will be released on June 5. However, Horikoshi will take a week break after the chapter, delaying Chapter 391 to June 19, which was scheduled to come out on June 12.

Horikoshi apologized to fans, saying “he will push through to the end” for the final spurt. On the other hands, fans are pained to see their favourite mangaka in this difficult position.

One fan said that Horikoshi should take his own advice which he used in the manga where Deku pushed himself too hard, and was required help from his friends in the end.

Another fan said that Horikoshi probably wants to end the manga as quickly as possible, and that’s why he is not taking long breaks. Horikoshi previously revealed that My Hero Academia manga will end in 1 year (2023).

The effects of continuously writing for 8 years are starting to show, but it has not affected the quality of his work, however. In fact, the current arc is often referred to as the best of My Hero Academia.

The frequent breaks may disappoint some fans, but it’s actually a great thing. Besides the author maintaining his health, there is also the fact that MHA will have an ending.

A healthy Horikoshi means more chapters. Mangakas have learned the lesson of overworking themselves to failure when the author of the hit manga Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, went on a four-year hiatus due to poor health.

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