The Renowned NBA Star States that 80% of Players Watch Anime

It is no surprise that many athletes love anime. While some may be casual watchers, we have a lot of shocking weebs who show their love and admiration for some of the best anime series while also being big stars, like an NBA player. According to one, over 80% of NBA players watch anime and manga.

nba players watch anime

That happened recently as Zion Williamson, the start of the New Orleans Pelican team, expressed his love for Naruto. GQ’s article specifically mentioned that his passion for Naruto could rival some people’s love for the Bible. Now that is a big statement. So, would you like to know his thoughts and favorite parts? Keep reading!

Williamson found the show to reflect on some significant parts of his life, which is something every Naruto fan can feel. The show is just that great; Williamson went on to say:

It’s when Sasuke was going rogue. All of Naruto’s friends and teammates came to him like, ‘Dude, you’re gonna have to make tough decisions if you really want to be Hokage. And Naruto, he started hyperventilating because that’s a lot of pressure. He’s just a kid, and that’s his friend, you know? He really cared for him. And all anyone was telling him was that he needed to handle it, to take him down. Nobody ever asked him how he felt.

All the weebs can understand his enthusiasm and deep thoughts. But what was even more shocking was him telling that a staggering 80% of NBA players watch anime and manga, just like him. Although they don’t mention it publicly, it is natural since anime fans are not exactly well-known for good things. Now we know what one thing they talk about in breaks is.

If you think about it, it’s not unnatural, as many of the NBA stars are in their 20s and enjoy the same mainstream media as us. Moreover, anime has gotten huge recognition in the past decade due to some anime; the most recent ones are Demon Slayer, JJK, and Attack on Titan. Even one of the K-pop singers, and a member of the Blackpink band, LISA, recently revealed her love for Spy x Family.

In addition, NBA players are often struck with severe pressure and mental strain. Anime is one thing that can help them feel motivated to do much more in those situations. We are no strangers to that feeling. The NBA currently has over 450 players, so it is safe to assume over 350 over them enjoy anime and manga, from casual watching to being weebs like us.

The question is, is your favorite NBA player also an anime/manga enjoyer? We don’t have an answer to that. But now that Williamson has made these comments, maybe others will also share their experience publicly. Until then, did you know about theĀ latest Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration?

Who do you think are some other athletes that enjoy anime and manga? Let us know your thoughts below!

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