No Game No Life Light Novel Series Is About To End

The author of the No Game No Life light novel has announced that the series will be entering its final stage.

The 11th volume of light novels series “No Game No Life” was published in Japan on Dec 25, where the author Yuu Kamiya announced that story has entered its final stage. The author did not reveal any details about how many chapters or volumes “the final stage” of the series will take to finish.

Yuu Kamiya started the No Game No Life light novel series in April 2012, so far 10 volumes have been published. The series has gotten a manga adaptation from the hand of his wife, Mashiro Hiiragi, who started the manga series in 2013.

The series has gotten a 12 episode anime adaptation produced by Studio Madhouse. A feature film was released in July 2017, produced by Madhouse.

When No Game No Life Season 2 Will Happen?

Despite a huge fan base, it has been more than 6 years, and there is still no news on when No Game No Life season 2 will come out. Here is a small explanation on why we haven’t seen the 2nd season yet.

Anime adaptations are generally made to promote the source material, which in this case is the light novel. The sales of light novel of the series have been doing pretty fine in Japan, as the series has maintained the top 10 rankings of most sold light novel series over several years.

In a rare case when the anime adaptation is really profitable like Sword Art Online, the series gets the sequel anime adaptation because it is printing money for both the studio who made the anime, and the publisher as well due to increase in light novel sales. Unfortunately, when NGNL anime came out, it wasn’t as much successful as other major anime adaptations, although fan following grew gradually over the years.

Where To Start Light Novel After Anime?

No Game No Life anime season 1 adapted till volume 3 of the light novel series, so you can start reading from the 4th volume of light novels. The 11th volume just came out, so there is plenty of material available for fans to enjoy.

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