One Piece: 11th Member of Luffy’s Pirate Crew Announced

Published on June 1st, 2022

One Piece manga series is now at its peak with Luffy finally defeating another emperor and freeing Wano. However, the most shocking news is about the announcement of the 11th crew member of Luffy’s pirate ship, that has social media going berserk as rumors are spreading like wildfire about the new crew member.

One Piece 11th crew member

Before we get into the reveal of new crew member, keep in mind that there will be manga spoiler ahead. In Chapter 1050 of One Piece, Luffy finally defeated Kaido who fell under the town into lava, and we don’t know even if he is alive after that. Chapter 1051 spoilers revealed that Kozuki Momonosuke will become shogun of Wano. Yamato arrives at the seen, she introduces himself as Kozuki Oden and announces to join the Luffy’s crew.

We know from the very first chapter of One Piece, that Luffy wants ten companions to join him on his adventures. There were already ten crew members, including Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Nami, Brook, Robin, Chopper, Jinbei, Usopp, and Franky. After Yamato joins the crew, Luffy’s wish of 10 companions will be completed, and we might not see any more members joining the crew.

Keep in mind that Yamato joining the Straw Hats is not complete as she will have to get the blessing from the Straw Hat captain, Luffy, who is sound asleep after fighting Kaido and didn’t hear Yamato’s announcement. Although, it is more than likely that Luffy will be happy to know that Yamato wants to join the Straw Hats.

Carrot One Piece

Aside from Yamato, there were many other One Piece characters who were speculated to join Luffy’s crew as the 11th member. Carrot, who snuck into Straw Hat ship just before the start of Whole Cake Island ark. Carrot is already massively popular among fans, and many wanted her as a permanent member of the crew. Of course, it can still happen, but most likely not in the near future.

Bon One Piece

Mr 2, Bon Kurei is another character who is unofficially seen as a Straw Hat. He was an antagonist in Alabasta arc, but he quickly became friends with Luffy, and sacrificed himself to save Luffy in Arabasta and then in Impel Down as well. Even if he doesn’t get to join the Straw Hat crew, he has a special place in the heart of One Piece fans.

What are your thoughts on Yamato joining the Straw Hat’s? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

10 thoughts on “One Piece: 11th Member of Luffy’s Pirate Crew Announced

  1. I think king will join Strawhat crew. According to Kaido, king is waiting for Joyboy for some reasons and Oda clearly mentioned that the next crew member is gonna be an enemy.
    Anyways let’s see whta will happen. ?‍♂️

    1. If Oda really said it about the next crew being an enemy first, it will be interesting if King is the next one. His design was good and cool. He can fly which the crew don’t really have (yeah some can walk in air and Nico can even fly for a bit, King can legitimately fly). But I think this will be a stretch as they will have a 3rd swordsman in the crew which doesn’t feels right. If King was waiting for Joyboy to follow, he might join the grand fleet or more like how Marco help the Strawhats.

  2. I think it could be Yamato cause she wants to explore the sea and luffy said he would help her too and she is also a friend of ace so she could join the strawhats

  3. Heres a thought it may be a stretch but what about Katakuri i mean anything is possible at this point right ?

  4. As luffy said that he need 10 members as his crew but in dressrosa luffy become captain of more than 5000 pirate.

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