One Piece Anime Indefinitely Delayed After A Hacking Incident

One Piece anime production studio, Toei animation became the victim of cyber crime, due to which One PIece anime will be delayed indefinitely.

On Friday, the official website of One Piece informed that on March 6, a third party illegally accessed the company’s network, and damaged some of the internal system, which has affected the broadcast of future episodes of One Piece, Digimon Ghost Anime, Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai, and Delicious Party Precure anime.

The official website of One Piece will update fans regarding the One Piece episode, which is scheduled to be released on Sunday, March 20th. However, One Piece episode releasing on upcoming Sunday, March 13th, won’t be affected. The production staff also apologized to fans, who are looking forward to One Piece episode every Sunday.

What Really Happened?

Unfortunately, Toei Studio has not shared any additional information about the hack at the moment. However, it looks like some hacker accessed the Toei Website internal servers (website), and deleted some animation files, which set the studio weeks behind the schedule, Studio has decided to delay all of their anime projects. Here are the schedule for other Toei Studio anime other than One Piece:

For Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, episode 73 will not air on March 12 as planned, and episode 31 will air instead. The anime’s staff will reveal at a later date what will air on March 19.

According to Digimon Ghost Game Twitter account, it will announce at a later date what will air on March 20.

According to Delicious Party Precure Twitter account, episode 6 of the show is delayed and will not air on March 13 as planned. Episode 4 will air on that day instead.

When do you think One Piece anime series will come back from Hiatus? And, who could be behind this hacking? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: ANN

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