One Piece Live Action Reveals Cast For Buggy, Garp And Arlong

The official Twitter account of Netflix’s upcoming One Piece live action series revealed additional cast. Actors for Garp, Arlong, Koby, and Buggy has been revealed. Here is the list of actors:


56 year old Vincent Regan from United Kingdom, has been cast for the role Luffy’s grandfather, Garp. Vincent Regan is known for his movie roles in Troy, Clash of the Titans, 300, and Lockout. Given his vast experience in acting, he will be a great addition to the One Piece cast.


One Piece live action series antagonist, Arlong will be played by McKinley Belcher (USA). 37 year old actor is known for his role in the TV series, including Netflix’s Ozark, The Passage, and The Mercy Street. Given his strong performance as an FBI agent in Ozark series, he is most likely to be great at being Arlong.


Buggy-sama will be played by 35 year old Jeff Ward. He is best known for his role Deke Shaw in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


20 years old Australian actor, Morgan Davies has been cast for the role of Koby. They started their career as a child actor, and had some significant roles in movies The Hunter, The Boyfriend Game, and The Tree.


Remember the ship captain where Koby was kept as a prisoner? Alvida will play an important role in Luffy’s journey to becoming the pirate king. In One Piece live action series, Alvida will be portrayed by Ilia IsorelĂ˝s Paulino. She is relatively new to acting, so there is not much known about her.

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There are no release date announced for the One Piece live action, however, the series shooting has begun in Capt Town, South Africa. One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda is highly involved in the project as well.

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