One Piece: Blackbeard’s 3rd & Last Devil Fruit Explained

Blackbeard is a character from the One Piece series that embodies both mystery and power. He is also the potential final antagonist of the One Piece series, and as we all know, One Piece is nearing its climax.

Exploring One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit, Explained

Recently, during an encounter on Amazon Lily involving Hancock and Koby, Blackbeard nearly nabbed Hancock’s devil fruit, sparking a fresh round of speculation about his third and final devil fruit. Let’s dig into that discussion here. So, in this article, we shall do the same and discuss this devil fruit of Blackbeard.

Blackbeard’s multiple devil fruit-containing capacities have been represented in his Jolly Roger (pirate flag), too, as three skulls. Because of his unusual body structure, Blackbeard can possess more than one devil fruit, as confirmed in the past by Marco, Luffy, and Zoro.

Exploring One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit, Explained

Blackbeard’s obtained his first two devil fruits by stealing them from his comrades. The first fruit was the Logia-type Dark-Dark Fruit, which he got by killing his comrade, Thatch, in Whitebeard Pirates, thus stealing it.

The second was the Paramecia-type Tremor-Tremor Fruit, which he got by killing his former captain Whitebeard during the Paramount Arc. This event sparked the debate about Blackbeard’s ability to own more than one devil fruit.

But it is for sure that he will receive a mythical zoan in the future to complete the Holy Trinity of devil fruits. Let’s take a look at the four leading theories about Blackbeard’s third devil fruit. Each theory is backed by careful analysis and possible clues from Eiichiro Oda:

4. Snake-Snake Fruit, Mythical Model: Eight-Headed Serpent

Exploring One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit, Explained
Mythology OriginJapanese
Current OwnerKurozumi Orochi (Dead)

Orochi was introduced in the Wano Kuni arc and considered the 2nd main antagonist of the Wano arc. Even though Kurozumi Orochi wasn’t the strongest of characters, he wielded a powerful Mythical Zoan fruit that fans feel was squandered on him, and the devil fruit’s true potential wasn’t revealed.

Orochi was killed for good when Denjiro cut off his last of eight snake heads during the last part of Wano Arc. Now, his devil fruit will get spawned at some random place in One Piece world.

The devil fruit’s eight heads line up with the eight bones on Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger. There’s a strong chance Blackbeard could swipe this fruit from whoever stumbles upon it next, similar to how he got his hands on the Dark-Dark fruit.

3. Dog-Dog Fruit, Mythical Model: Cerberus

Exploring One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit, Explained
Mythology OriginGreek
Current OwnerUnknown

“Cerberus” is a three-headed hound that belongs to the Greek Mythology. Cerberus is the guard of the Underworld who prevents the dead from escaping.

These features perfectly fit Blackbeard, as he will surely bring hell to the world when his time comes.

Like Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger, which possesses three skulls, a Cerberus possesses three heads. As One Piece fans know, Eiichiro Oda likes to drop clues about upcoming reveals, and the three-headed hound (dog-dog) devil fruit will be a perfect fit as Blackbeard’s final devil fruit.

2. Ox-Ox fruit, Mythical Model: Baize (Haku Taku)

Exploring One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit, Explained
Mythology OriginChinese
Current OwnerUnknown

“Baize” (or Haku taku in Japanese) is an ox-like ancient creature with a very creepy body with nine eyes, three covering his face, and the other six covering both sides of his torso.

This creature also has three souls. These features coincide with the three skulls of Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger.

In One Piece, many characters laugh to show their devil fruit (e.g., Perona’s laugh being “Horororo,” which symbolizes her devil fruit Horo-Horo fruit). If we take the “ze” from baize and “ha” from haku taku, we are left with “zeha,” which is Blackbeard’s stereotypical laugh.

The most exciting part of this creature is that it only appears in places with a virtuous leader. And as Zunesha has told us that Joy Boy has returned in the form of Luffy, who will become the King of Pirates.

1. Octopus-Octopus Fruit: Mythical Model: Kraken

Exploring One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit, Explained
Mythology OriginScandinavian
Current OwnerUnknown

“Kraken” is a giant octopus-like mythical creature, the most popular Zoan-type fruit Blackbeard is theorized to steal. First, it coincides with the eight bones of Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger with its eight tentacles.

Second, as shown in the picture, Blackbeard is never seen sleeping. The correct way to interpret this statement is that Blackbeard sleeps for a concise amount of time.

An average octopus sleeps for about 2 hrs a day, of which only 5 minutes is active sleep. So this also coincides with Blackbeard’s bizarre sleep pattern.

Third, an octopus has stereotypical camouflage behavior because of its skin texture and color.

This feature relates to Blackbeard in how he was in the Whitebeard Pirates for so long without being caught as an unloyal person and was unnoticed by the world until he became a Warlord.

The biggest reason why this theory is the most popular is that an octopus has three hearts, and if it is the same for Blackbeard, him possessing three devil fruits makes total sense.

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There you have it: the top four best theories for Blackbeard’s last devil fruit. If you liked this One Piece article, you would like Who Is Imu, And Why She Can Change Everything In One Piece? Let us know in the comments below if you have a theory regarding Balckbeard’s last devil fruit.

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