One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers: Luffy Is Joy Boy?

One Piece chapter 1043 full leaks have been released, suggesting that Luffy is indeed the legendary Joy Boy. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming One Piece chapter 1043:

Short Summary of 1042

In the previous chapter of One Piece, we saw a fierce fight between Luffy and Kaido. However, a government agent, the commander of CP0 interrupts their duel, which result in Luffy getting knocked out.

The strongest creature of the world, Kaido was enjoying his battle with Luffy, so when the commander of CP0 intervened, he wasn’t so happy about it. Angry Kaido is now ready to stomp the CP0 agent.

Spoilers of Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 is titled “We will die together”. On the cover page, we can see Charlotte Oven arriving at the whole cake island. Kaido is declared the winner of the fight. CP0 agent gets trampled by Kaido, but you cannot tell if the CP0 agent is dead or not.

Kawamatsu asks samurai to escape, saying that is no honor if you burn to death. Kaido jumps from the top, and arrives in the castle. He informs everyone that Luffy is dead, and Momo has to give up his fight. Kid and Law feel that Luffy has lost, and prepare to fight Kaido.

After hearing that Luffy is dead, Nami is angry. She calls Kaido a snake, and a liar. Kaido attacks Nami, but Marco is quick to defend her. Momo wants to give up the fight to save everyone, but Yamato tells him no. Yamato says to Momo: “Let’s die together”.

In the next panel, we see Zunesha and Momo. Zunesha says to Momo: “I heard it. I heard that sound that I didn’t hear in 800 years. The drums of liberation. There is no doubt he is here”. Momo: “Who is here?”. Zunesha: “Joy Boy has come back!”.

Is Luffy the legendary Joy Boy?

Joy Boy was an important figure in the void century. He played an important role in the history of the Fish man island. According to Momo, Joy Boy was a comrade of Zunesha. According to an apology letter written on Ponygolph, Joy Boy had great regrets of not keeping his promise to Fishman-Island.

In a leaked panel from chapter 1043, we can see Luffy’s body melting, along with his Straw Hat. Something happens to him. On the right side, the text bubble reads “Joy Boy has come back!”. On the left bubble, it reads “Sun god Nika”.

So, from these leaks, it is confirmed that Luffy is indeed Joy Boy. However, we still don’t know what is happening to him? What is the reason of him melting, alongside his straw hat?

Do you think Levi’s devil fruit is awakening? According to some Japanese fans, Luffy is getting gear 5th.

Chapter 1043 Release Date

One Piece chapter 1043 is scheduled to release on March 13th. You can read the manga for free on the official websites of Viz, and Manga Plus app.

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