One Piece Chapter 1052 Spoilers: Admiral Is Coming

In the previous chapter of the One Piece manga series, it was revealed that Yamato has announced to join the Straw Hats as a crew member. It was also revealed that Momonosuke will be the new Shogun of the Wano country. After getting aged up by Shinobu, we saw adult Momonsouke for the very first time. One Piece chapter 1052 spoiler reveals that the news of Kaido’s defeat has reached the marines headquarters and they have sent one of the admirals to deal with the situation.

The spoilers for chapter 1052 has been released, courtesy of Etenboby from WG forums. According to the leaks, the marines have sent, Green Bull (Ryokugyu) to the Wano country. Keep in mind that he attained his rank during the two year timeskip period. Ryokugyu and Fujitoro filled the vacancies of Admiral after Akainu became the head admiral and Aokiji left the marines. This could be the first time we would be seeing Ryokugyu as we still don’t know how he looks like, and what devil fruit powers he has. We will be getting Straw Hat’s new bounties next week.

Here are the complete spoilers that have been released:

  • Chapter 1052: “New Morning”. The cover of the chapter shows The Germas encounter Caesar.
  • Zunesha left because the borders are closed
  • Hawkins reveals in a talk to Drake that he meant himself when he said one person only has a 1 % chance of survival. Hawkins predicted Kaido’s defeat with his cards, but didn’t commit another betrayal because of his pride.
  • We get a 7 day time skip.
  • We see the progress made in the land of Wano.
  • Apoo & Inbi seem to have made up with the alliance
  • Ashura died & Izo died in his exchange with Maha (tall CP0 guy)
  • A few comedy & fanservice scenes, including Yamato and the straw hats
  • Yamato is with the guys (Luffy, Brook, Neko‚Ķ)
  • Greenbul (Ryokugyu) is on his way to Wano.
  • Apparently we’ll get bounties next chapter, since newspapers have already arrived…

One Piece chapter 1052 will be available on Viz and Manga Plus, as soon as it is released on Sunday. Please use the official websites to read the manga. We would advise all the One Piece fans to use official means to read the manga, as it helps support the author whom we love and respect.

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