One Piece Chapter 1062 Spoilers: Bonney’s Father, Multiple Vegapunks

One Piece manga series is coming back after a 1-week break, and chapter 1062 spoilers are already out. The new chapter will reveal information on Bonney and Kuma’s relationship and Vegapunk’s identity.

In chapter 1061 of One Piece, the Straw Hat crew alongside Bonney ended up on Egghead Island, and that is where we first saw for the first time what Vegapunk looks like, but chapter 1062 spoilers reveal that she is not the “real Vegapunk.”

Big Mom’s Hometown Invaded?

Chapter 1062 “Adventure in the Land of Science”, Cover: Chocola Town covered in ice

According to a viral theory, Blackbeard pirates will invade Big Mom’s hometown, Whole Cake Island, while she is busy chasing Luffy. According to the Five Elders, the former admiral, Aokiji (who has the power of ice) has allied himself with Blackbeard pirates.

It is possible that Blackbeard pirates would send Aokiji to destroy Big Mom’s hometown to prove loyalty to them. That could be the reason why Chocola Town is covered in ice.

Another reason could be to capture Pudding and Poneglyph. Since Blackbeard wants to be King of Pirates, he will be going after One Piece, and to find One Piece, he needs Poneglyph and someone who can read them. Pudding is a member of the Three-Eye tribe who can read Ponelglyph writing.

Bonney And Kuma’s Relationship

Bonney reveals that her father (Kuma) was made into a weapon by Vegapunk

There were already theories that Bonney is the daughter of the former Warlord, Kuma. In the Levely arc, Bonney was seen in the Levely, and she was disgusted after seeing how Celestial Dragons treated Kuma as their slave.

One Piece creator previously revealed Bonney’s Vivre card (published in 2018) that she was looking for Vegapunk so that he can restore her father, and that is also the reason why she came to Egghead Island.

6 Different Vegapunks

There’re 6 different Vegapunk because of how occupied he is with research

As it turns out, the young girl we saw at the end of chapter 1061 is not the ‘real’ Vegapunk. It is unclear whether Vegapunk divided his mind into 6 different persons or made 5 clones of himself. Either way, these are just early spoilers, and we will get more information once chapter 1062 officially comes out.

In SBS Volume 48, Eiichiro Oda said that Vegapunk knows the truth behind Devilfruits, and when he appears in the story, he will explain what the Devilfruits really are.

World Government Wants To Kill Vegapunk

The World Government now wants to eliminate Vegapunk. It looks like WG have no more use for Vegapunk since they already have the most powerful weapon at their disposal, Seraphim (cyborg with the powers of former Warlords), which Vegapunk developed.

CP0 agents are coming to kill Vegapunk, they have Seraphim Kuma with them

WG have sent CP0 agents to get rid of Vegapunk. It looks like Eiichiro Oda is setting up a fight between Bonney and Seraphim Kuma. It will be heartbreaking for Bonney to fight Seraphim Kuma.

Update (New Spoilers)

  • Lucci And Kaku and Stussy sent to kill vegapunk
  • Seraph kuma has no devil fruit power, which means serphs cannot copy kuma devil fruit.
  • The other punks have their own free will and traits
  • VegaPunk 02 is kind of evil
  • Cp0 after VegaPunk because World Government and higher up there think he knows too much
  • Lucci, and Kaku and Stussy new mission is to kill vegapunk

We can assume that Vegapunk will become ally of Straw Hats in the future since World Government is not against him.

One Piece chapter 1062 is scheduled to release on October 10, 2022. Fans can officially read the manga chapter for free on Viz Media or Manga Plus app.

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