One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers: Blackbeard’s 10th Commander

One Piece manga has returned this week after a week’s break, and last time, it left us with two excellent chapters. The story picks up from where it left off in the previous chapter. In Chapter 1081 spoilers, the identity of the 10th commander of the Blackbeard Pirates will be unveiled, and the reveal may surprise you. Additionally, some information about Blackbeard’s plans will come to light. Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1081 are now available. Read on for all the essential details.

one piece chapter 1080 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1080 Quick Summary

One Piece Chapter 1080, titled “The Legendary Hero,” shifted focus away from the main battle on Egghead Island. In this chapter, we witnessed the arrival of SWORD to assist Coby, and the introduction of numerous SWORD members who are also Devil Fruit users. Furthermore, the Devil Fruits possessed by many Blackbeard Pirates were disclosed, giving us insight into the formidable arsenal under Blackbeard’s control.

The chapter also revealed Blackbeard’s plan to obtain legal authorization for an island by using Coby as bait. The standout moment in Chapter 1080 was Garp’s “Galaxy Impact,” a powerful move that obliterated an entire city on Beehive Island.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Early Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1081 is titled “Captain of the Tenth Ship, Kuzan”, – referring to the former admiral now being a part of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Trafalgar Law Defeated by Blackbeard

BB defeated Law. It is true that Law and Bepo were defeated, but they’re alive.

Trafalgar Law was having a fight with Blackbeard on Wiener Island (as it was corrected in the official translation that the name of the island is “Wiener Island”, not “Winner Island”).

During the confrontation, Law encountered several challenges but was ultimately defeated by Teech. However, it has been noted that Law survived the encounter.

Additionally, Bepo, the vice-captain of the Heart Pirates, is also confirmed to be alive. This revelation could potentially hint at future developments in the storyline.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers: Aokiji Joined The Blackbeard Pirates?!

The Status of Kidd Pirates

Kid’s condition is still unknown.

The current status of Captain Kidd, the leader of the Kidd Pirates, remains uncertain. The last time he appeared, he was on the receiving end of a powerful attack from Emperor Shanks called “Divine Departure.” This blow left him unconscious and his fate unknown.

Despite the lack of updates on his condition, there is a possibility that Captain Kidd may be dead. From the beginning, author Oda seemed to intentionally portray him with a “side-character” vibe. As such, we will have to wait for future chapters to reveal the ultimate outcome for Captain Kidd.

Kuzan Aokiji Joins Blackbeard Pirates

Aokiji is the tenth captain of the Blackbeard Pirates.

In this chapter, the most significant revelation is that Kuzan Aokiji, the former Admiral, has joined the Blackbeard Pirates as the captain of their tenth ship. However, it is likely that Kuzan’s decision to join this group of ruthless pirates is a strategic move to gather intelligence, rather than a genuine alliance.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers: Aokiji Joined The Blackbeard Pirates?!

Additionally, it was disclosed that during Kuzan’s appointment, Blackbeard inquired about a man with a “burned scar” on his face. It appears this individual possesses the remaining Road Poneglyphs, which Blackbeard is pursuing.

The identity of this mysterious person is currently unknown. Candidates include Sabo, Urouge, or Douglas Bullet, but none of them has any apparent connection to One Piece. Consequently, the character in question could be a new or previously introduced figure, possibly even someone from the Roger Pirates.

Garp versus Kuzan

We have a fight between the former protege “Aokiji” vs Garp. Garp did not defeat Aokiji, but Garp had the upper hand in the battle, meaning Aokiji got his ass whopped.

According to the One Piece chapter 1081 spoilers, at the end of the chapter, there will be a fight between Garp and Kuzan. Kuzan has been Garp’s first student or disciple since his early days, and Kuzan respects Garp because he saved Kuzan’s life in a particular incident (which has not been revealed yet).

The fight is also revealed to be one-sided as Garp seems to have the upper hand (obvious considering his “Galaxy Impact” reveal in the previous chapter)

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers: Aokiji Joined The Blackbeard Pirates?!

One Piece Manga will be on break next week. (Due to Golden Week)

One Piece Chapter 1081 will officially release on 23 April 2023. You can read it on the Manga Plus app. As always, we advise you to read the Manga via official means to support the creator of the series.

The Source of all these One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers is Etenboy and Redon, which have officially provided One Piece Spoilers from the start and shared them on One Piece Reddit. Check back for updates and analysis on this exciting new chapter in the One Piece saga!

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