One Piece Chapter 1093 Spoilers: Kizaru Holds His Own Against Gear 5

It’s Tuesday, and as is the norm, the spoilers for One Piece’s upcoming chapter have arrived. One Piece’s upcoming chapter, chapter 1093, is set to release on September 25, 2023.

one piece chapter 1093 spoilers

One Piece chapter 1092 showcased the long-awaited battle between Luffy and Kizaru. Luffy used Gear Fourth (Snakeman) to attack Kizaru, but it wasn’t enough to handle the Admiral.

Kizaru used his incredible speed to deliver a powerful kick to Luffy and sent him flying, destroying the Vegaforce Robot in the process. Just then, Luffy tapped into his ultimate power, Gear 5, and grabbed Kizaru in his hand.

A giant Luffy appearing from nowhere and grabbing him certainly shocked Kizaru, and for the first time, we see Kizaru a little bit worried.

Luffy vs Kizaru Continues

one piece chapter 1093 kizaru

According to One Piece spoilers, chapter 1093 is titled “Luffy vs Kizaru”. From the get-go, we know that the chapter will mostly focus on these two fighting each other.

The chapter starts off right where the previous one ended. Luffy, after grabbing Kizaru, is ready to throw him away.

The scene then shifts to Atlas, one of the six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk. Atlas heads to the lower zone as her plan is to change the Pacifista orders that Kizaur has given them.

In case you are not aware, Pacifistas follow the orders of the chain of command. At the top of the chain of command are Five Elders, followed by Vegapunk and his six satellites. Below them are Sentamaru and Kizaru.

As Kizaru is below Vegapunk’s six satellites in the chain of command, his orders can be overruled. That’s exactly what Atlas wants to do.

Vegapunk and Sanji also decided to accompany Atlas to the lower zone.

The scene then shifts back to Luffy vs Kizaru. Luffy throws away Kizaru, but instead of retreating or taking any damage, Kizaru returns to attack Luffy. He makes several copies of himself that are made of light and attacks Luffy.

As Kizaru’s main goal is not to fight Luffy but to assassinate Vegapunk, he takes aim at the island’s transport tubes, which are being used by Vegapunk, Atlas, and Sanji to travel to the lower zone.

However, Luffy comes in clutch and takes on Kizaru to defend his attack himself, which results in Atlas, Vegapunk, and Sanji reaching the lower zone safely. Atlas then overrides Kizaru’s orders given to Pacifista.

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Lucci Vs. Zoro

lucci vs zoro one piece chapter 1093

The previous chapter didn’t show any progress on Lucci vs. Zoro. In chapter 1091, we saw Zoro attacking Lucci after he tried to assassinate Vegapunk.

One Piece chapter 1093 spoilers suggest that we will get at least a few panels of them fighting. Zoro vs Lucci continues, and according to chapter 1093 spoilers, Lucci is using his awakened form.

This is another fight that was bound to happen. Both of these fighters once clashed before in Water 7, and Lucci was the one that came out on the winning end. Now that Zoro is considerably stronger than he was in their previous clash, the battle outcome will likely be different.

Fans are also anxiously waiting to see Zoro’s epic King of Hell Three Sword Style technique that he used to defeat King.

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Bonney, Kuma, & Akainu

According to the spoilers, Bonney is currently fighting against the Marines in the lower zone.

In the previous chapter, Akainu appeared after a long time. At Mary Geoise, Kuma went on the rampage, and Akainu appeared to stop him. Akainu had severely injured Kuma, but he was unable to capture him. This resulted in Celestial dragons criticizing Akainu.

Kuma, although injured severely, was able to run away. The spoilers of chapter 1093 have no information on these two characters.

The official English translation of the One Piece chapter 1093 will be released on Sept 25, 2023. You can read it officially and for free on the Manga Plus app or website.

There will be a break next week. Meaning One Piece chapter 1094 will be released on October 8, 2023.

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