12 Amazing Moments Fans Can’t Wait to See in One Piece Live-Action Season 2

The One Piece live-action series is all but confirmed for a second season, and fans are eagerly awaiting official news from Netflix. The first season did a remarkable job of bringing to life the scenes that have endeared One Piece to its audience.

one piece season 2 best scenes anticipated

However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. The upcoming second season is set to adapt more thrilling chapters from the manga, and fans can’t wait to see these moments come to life on screen.

Some of these scenes will showcase the perilous nature of the Grand Line, while others will further enrich the expansive world-building that One Piece is known for.

The first season concluded with the Straw Hat Pirates preparing for new adventures after acquiring their first ship, the Going Merry.

12. Luffy’s Near-Execution, Mirroring Gol D. Roger’s Death

luffy execution

The Strawhat crew arrives at their next destination, which is Logue Town, the birthplace and execution site of the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger. Luffy visits the execution platform where Roger was killed and declares his ambition to become the Pirate King.

A Marine captain, Smoker, takes an interest in Luffy and captures him. Luffy is close to the execution. But in a twist of destiny, a sudden and unexplained bolt of lightning strikes the platform, disrupting the execution.

This miraculous event allows Luffy to escape Smoker’s clutches and sets the stage for the Straw Hat Pirates to embark on their Grand Line adventure.

11. Zoro Meets Tashigi, Kuina’s Look Alike

kuina look alike

Roronoa Zoro meets Tashigi during the Loguetown Arc. Tashigi is a Marine officer who bears a striking resemblance to Zoro’s late childhood friend, Kuina.

The encounter occurs when Zoro is shopping for new swords in Loguetown. Tashigi, who is passionate about swords, engages in a conversation with Zoro about the quality and history of various blades.

Her resemblance to Kuina initially takes Zoro aback, but he quickly realizes that their personalities are different. Zoro’s interaction with Tashigi gave fans some hilarious and memorable moments. It will be interesting to see how that humor translates to live action.

10. Luffy’s Father Makes First Appearance

monkey d dragon

Remember how Luffy miraculously survived the execution after a lightning strike? It turns out it had to do something with Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon.

Dragon’s debut is shrouded in mystery; he intervenes to save Luffy again from being captured by Smoker when Luffy is leaving the Logue Town Arc. More than anything, One Piece fans are anxiously waiting for who will play his role in the live-action.

Since he will have a few scenes, fans are expecting that some big name from Hollywood might be cased for Monkey D. Dragon.

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9. Laboon The Giant Whale

laboon one piece

The Straw Hat Pirates encounter Laboon, a colossal whale, and his caretaker, Crocus as they navigate the perilous Reverse Mountain to enter the Grand Line.

Laboon is not just any whale; he is the size of an island, and he has been waiting for a group of pirates to return for several decades, repeatedly ramming his head into the Red Line in frustration and anticipation.

Crocus, the lighthouse keeper and a former member of Gol D. Roger’s crew, takes care of Laboon and explains the whale’s heartbreaking backstory. Laboon had been left behind by a group of pirates who promised to return but never did.

This storyline was emotional as well as gave fans some funny interactions between the crew and the old man, Crocus. Moreover, seeing the massive size of Laboon while entering the Grand Line also prepared the crew and viewers alike for what dangers to expect in the upcoming story.

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8. Zoro Vs. 100 Bounty Hunters

luffy vs 100 bounty hunters

In the Whiskey Peak Arc, Roronoa Zoro finds himself in a situation that reveals the dark underbelly of Whiskey Peak. Initially welcomed with open arms and a feast, the Straw Hat Pirates believe the town to be hospitable.

However, Zoro’s keen instincts tell him otherwise. His suspicions are confirmed when he discovers that the townspeople are actually agents of Baroque Works, a criminal organization led by Sir Crocodile.

While all the other Straw Hat crew partied hard and now slept without knowing the danger they were in, Zoro was the only one who could save them.

Zoro takes it upon himself to confront these agents, engaging in a high-stakes battle that showcases his swordsmanship skills. Armed with his three swords, Zoro takes on wave after wave of Baroque Works agents, eventually defeating them and exposing the town’s true nature as a trap for pirates.

This battle is not just a display of Zoro’s combat prowess but also serves as a pivotal moment that introduces the Straw Hat crew to the larger conflict involving Baroque Works and the kingdom of Alabasta.

To this day, Zoro has gotten a lot stronger than he was in Whiskey Peak Arc, however, his fight against agents of Baroque Works is still considered one of the most enjoyable to watch fights.

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7. Meeting Giants

one piece giants

In the Little Garden Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves on an island that time forgot, complete with dinosaurs and other prehistoric dangers.

Among the most memorable inhabitants of Little Garden are Dorry and Brogy, two giant warriors who have been locked in combat for a staggering 100 years.

Their duel is a matter of honor, stemming from a disagreement over the size of the sea monsters they caught on the same day.

How One Piece live-action incorporates Giants is one of the biggest worries that the fans have. Nonetheless, fans are looking forward to seeing the Battle of Giants in live action.

6. Straw Hats Get A New Crew Member (Chopper)

chopper one piece

In the Drum Island Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates gain a new and unique member: Tony Tony Chopper. A reindeer who has consumed the Human-Human Fruit. Chopper has the ability to transform into various human-reindeer hybrid forms.

Initially, the crew arrives at Drum Island in search of medical help for their ailing navigator, Nami. They discover that the island is under the tyrannical rule of Wapol, a corrupt king who has driven away most of the island’s doctors.

Chopper, who was trained by the island’s eccentric but brilliant Dr. Kureha, is initially wary of humans due to past traumas. However, Luffy’s straightforward kindness and the crew’s genuine need for a doctor win him over.

After a series of battles that culminate in Luffy defeating Wapol and liberating the island, Chopper decides to join the Straw Hat Pirates to fulfill his dream of expanding his medical knowledge and helping others.

Chopper in the live-action is one of the biggest worries that the live-action fans have, and rightly so, because using CGI will not only be expensive but will need lots of time in post-production, meaning more waiting time for the sequel to be ready for airing.

5. Bon Clay’s Appearance

bon clay one piece live action

Mr. 2 Bon Clay, also known as Bentham, first graces the One Piece series during the Whiskey Peak Arc.

Initially an agent for the nefarious Baroque Works, this non-binary character undergoes a remarkable transformation from foe to friend, becoming an indispensable ally to the Straw Hat Pirates in the Alabasta Arc.

Bon Clay’s character is not just a source of entertainment; they are a symbol of flamboyance and gender fluidity. Thanks to their Clone-Clone Fruit abilities, they can transform into anyone they touch, challenging traditional gender norms. This makes them a significant figure, especially within the queer community.

Considering how much Bon Clay helps Luffy in the Impel Down Arc, fans consider them an honorary Straw Hat.

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4. Alabasta Arc As A Whole Will Be Awesome

alabasta arc one piece

In the Alabasta Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates finally arrive in the desert kingdom of Alabasta with a mission to prevent a civil war.

They are accompanied by Princess Vivi, who has revealed that the rebellion brewing in her homeland is being manipulated by the criminal organization Baroque Works. The Rebellion is led by Sir Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Upon arrival, the crew faces multiple challenges, including the harsh desert conditions and the constant pursuit by Baroque Works agents.

Their journey takes them through various towns and landmarks in Alabasta, each with its own set of obstacles and enemies. The crew splits up at different points to tackle various missions, from saving a town from drought to infiltrating a secret underground base.

This arc is pivotal as it tests the crew’s resilience, unity, and individual strengths, all while they race against time to stop a war that could claim countless innocent lives.

3. The Long-Awaited Reunion of Ace and Luffy

luffy and ace meet up

One of the most heartwarming moments fans are eager to see in the live-action adaptation occurs during the Alabasta Arc, where Luffy reunites with his adopted brother, Portgas D. Ace.

Ace arrives in Alabasta on a mission to find his former captain, Blackbeard, who has betrayed their crew.

Given how the Marineford Arc turned out, every single moment between these two brothers is precious to fans, and it will be amazing to see how live-action does justice to Ace’s character.

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2. Luffy Vs. Sir Crocodile

luffy vs crocodile

In the climactic moments of the Alabasta Arc, Luffy faces off against Sir Crocodile for the third and final time. Their showdown takes place in the ancient ruins beneath the city of Alubarna, where Crocodile aims to seize control of a powerful weapon.

Luffy, having learned from his previous defeats, comes prepared. He discovers that water nullifies Crocodile’s sand-based powers, giving him the edge he needs in their battle.

The fight is intense, with both combatants pushing their abilities to the limit. Luffy’s indomitable spirit and newfound strategy prove to be the deciding factors.

In a dramatic turn, Luffy lands a decisive blow using his “Gomu Gomu no Storm” attack, effectively defeating Crocodile and thwarting his plans to overthrow the kingdom.

Crocodile’s defeat led to his arrest by the Marines and the disbandment of Baroque Works. More importantly, it brings an end to the rebellion and restores peace to Alabasta.

The victory solidifies Luffy’s reputation as a formidable pirate and marks a significant milestone in the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey through the Grand Line.

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For these reasons, fans are eagerly anticipating how this iconic fight will be adapted in the upcoming One Piece live-action series. Luffy vs Crocodile offers a perfect opportunity for the live-action adaptation to flex its creative muscles, whether it’s through special effects, choreography, or emotional performances.

1. Vivi’s Farewell

vivi's farewell

The farewell between Princess Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates is one of the most emotionally resonant moments in the Alabasta Arc and, indeed, in the entire One Piece series.

After journeying together through numerous trials and ultimately succeeding in saving Alabasta, the time comes for Vivi to make a difficult decision. Torn between her newfound friends and her responsibilities as a princess, Vivi ultimately chooses to stay behind to help rebuild her kingdom.

The farewell is far from ordinary. Due to the high bounty on their heads, the Straw Hat Pirates cannot dock and say goodbye in person.

Instead, they share their farewell from their ship, anchored far from the shore. Vivi delivers a heartfelt speech, asking if she can still consider herself their friend even if they never meet again.

In response, the crew raises their left arms, marked with a black “X,” to show their eternal friendship. It’s a silent but powerful affirmation that transcends words.

This scene is a tear-jerker for many fans, symbolizing the deep bonds of friendship that can form even in a life as tumultuous as piracy.

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For these reasons, Vivi’s farewell is a moment that fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing in the live-action adaptation of One Piece. Its emotional weight and significance make it a must-see scene that has the potential to capture the hearts of both new and long-time fans.

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