One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Saturn’s Awakened Devil Fruit

After a one-week hiatus, the One Piece manga series is making a comeback, and as anticipated, spoilers for Chapter 1094 dropped this Tuesday.

one piece chapter 1094 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1094 is slated for release on October 8, 2023. True to form, spoilers for the forthcoming chapter have emerged a few days in advance, spotlighting a member of the Gorosei (Five Elders).

Before diving into the juicy spoilers and raw scans, let’s quickly recap the last chapter to bring you up to speed, especially if the one-week break has made you forgetful.

Chapter 1093 Recap

One Piece chapter 1093 was titled “Luffy vs Kizaru,” and as the title indicates, the chapter’s main focus was the ongoing fight between the two.

While in Gear 4th, Luffy got a strong kick from Kizaru. But then, Luffy surprised Kizaru by switching to his Gear 5 large form, grabbing Kizaru and tossing him away. Kizaru looked clearly shocked by Luffy’s new power-up.

Kizaru almost fell into the ocean but used his light-light fruit abilities to turn into light and return to land. Kizaru fought back by creating clones made of light, which surprised Luffy and made her pull back for a moment.

But that was a trick from Luffy to make all the clones follow him. Luffy used his Giant Stamp attack to wipe out all the clones. Luffy thought he had also taken down the real Kizaru, but Kizaru fooled him.

Instead of going after Luffy, Kizaru first dealt with Usopp and then targeted Vegapunk. Kizaru’s main reason for being there was to take out Vegapunk.

Luffy stepped in front of Kizaru’s attack just in time, taking the hit himself. It did burn Luffy a bit, but no serious injuries were sustained.

Off the coast of Egghead Island, many ships are approaching, and on one of them is Jay Garcia Saturn, a member of the Five Elders or Gorosei.

Meanwhile, Atlas gives the Pacifistas a new command: “Wipe out all of the Navy soldiers.”

One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers

According to the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1094, the chapter will be named “Jay Garcia Saturn.”

From the chapter title, it’s clear that the focus will be on Saturn, similar to how the last chapter was titled “Luffy vs Kizaru” and centered on their battle.

The chapter opens on Egghead island, where the Pacifistas are attacking the Marines per Atlas’s command.

On the other side, Bonney fights back using a new technique that makes Marines hallucinate their own gruesome deaths.

She’s confronted by two Vice Admirals, Bluegrass, and the long-chin mustached man, but Sanji saves her.

Saturn’s Devil Fruit: Spoilers reveal that Saturn’s Devil Fruit will be revealed, and we’ll see his awakened form.

saturns devil fruit

Suddenly, an explosion of fire and lightning signals the arrival of the mysterious Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. He has a spider-like lower body and cloud-shaped hair with two horns.

Marines are warned not to look directly at Saturn. One Marine makes eye contact, and his head explodes.

Kizaru vs Luffy Battle Continues: According to the spoilers, the fight between Luffy and Kizaru will go on in chapter 1094. After all, a battle between an Admiral and an Emperor of the Sea won’t end quickly.

luffy vs kizaru 1094

Luffy’s last fight with a similar opponent (Kaido) lasted for over 40 chapters.

Luffy and Admiral Kizaru’s fight continues as both pants from exhaustion. Kizaru says he must stop fighting to complete his mission.

He speeds away, using light powers to attack Vegapunk’s lab. But Luffy catches up and strikes Kizaru with his new “White Star Gun” move, sending both crashing down.

When Saturn speaks, his powerful aura makes everyone pause fighting. As Luffy falls, Saturn refers to him as “Nika.” Luffy reverts to old form when he lands.

In the final pages, Saturn confronts Bonney, Sanji, Vegapunk and Franky. Bonney has a flashback indicating she knows Saturn. She suddenly stabs Saturn in the chest with a sword, drawing blood. The chapter ends teasing the next installment.

Revealing Saturn’s devil fruit is big news because it shows that One Piece is getting closer to its end, giving more details about characters who will likely be the final villains.


For those who might not know, the Gorosei, meaning “Five Elder Stars,” are the highest leaders of the World Government. Made up of five old men with distinct looks, they were first seen in chapter 233 and hold a lot of power.

Since the first introduction of the Gorosei more than 20 years ago, fans have been eagerly waiting to learn more about the powers and capabilities of the Five Elders. That’s why the focus on a member of the Gorosei in the upcoming chapter is generating so much excitement.

No Break Next Week: The great news is that One Piece chapter 1095 will come out as planned, with no breaks in between.

The color spread for One Piece chapter 1094 will feature Monster, a previous one-shot manga by Oda about Ryuma. Monster is getting an anime adaptation, and the color spread will promote this new series.

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One Piece Chapter 1094 will officially be out on October 8, 2023. You can read it for free on the Manga Plus app.

As of now, only these short spoilers have been released. More spoilers and a short summary will be revealed before the official release. Stay tuned.

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