One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers: The God Valley and Kuma’s Race

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1095 have been released, and this chapter will focus on flashbacks about God Valley.

one piece chapter 1095 spoilers

If you’re not familiar, God Valley is known for the “God Valley Incident,” which took place 38 years ago in the current One Piece timeline.

During this event, the Rocks Pirates, who were the most powerful pirate group back then, were defeated due to a partnership between Admiral Garp and the Roger Pirates.

In the last One Piece chapter, Jaygarcia Saturn’s dark powers were unveiled. Both Luffy and Kizaru were knocked out after their battle. At the chapter’s conclusion, Bonney recalled something about her father, Kuma.

Seeing Saturn triggered such strong emotions in her that she immediately lunged at him and attacked him with a sword.

One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers

Chapter 1095 will shift its focus to flashbacks, offering a break from the current intense battles.

Based on the spoilers, Kuma’s past and the details of his father’s death will be revealed. Additionally, the chapter will disclose Kuma’s race.

The chapter will then transition to a God Valley flashback, where a tournament is being organized by the Celestial Dragons.

This tournament will pit individuals from various races against each other, and the results will determine which races are spared and which are eliminated.

Garling Figerland, one of the Five Elders, is also featured in this chapter. He is shown as a young man, resembling Shanks but with a different hairstyle and beard shape.

The location of God Valley Island is disclosed, and it is situated in the West Blue.

According to the spoilers, it’s apparent that Shanks and Garling Figerland are connected, as they look very similar.

Furthermore, the ease with which Shanks was able to enter the sacred grounds of Mariejois to converse with the Gorosei adds more proof that Shanks is a Celestial Dragon.

If these spoilers prove accurate, they will also disprove the popular theory that the Five Elders are immortal and have been around since the “Great Kingdom” era 800 years ago.

Seeing a young Garling Figerland in an event 38 years ago contradicts this theory.

One Piece Chapter 1095 is set to release on October 15, 2023. The manga can be read for free on the Manga Plus App.

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