One Piece Chapter 1096 Spoilers: Rocks Pirates Enter God Valley

One Piece chapter 1096 will focus on how Kuma got hold of paw-paw fruit, and more members of Rocks Pirates will be revealed.

one piece chapter 1096 spoilers

One Piece manga is currently taking a break from the ongoing battle between the Straw Hat pirates and the marines, including one of the Five Elders, Saturn. Manga is now focusing on the flashback that takes place in God Valley island.

The previous chapter of the manga series had a lot in store, with the reveal of the God Valley incident and Kuma’s backstory. If you are unfamiliar, Kuma belongs to the extinct and wanted race called Buccaneer.

Finally, the anticipated story of Kuma is set to unfold, and with this, we will get to see him meeting his wife, the mother of Bonney, Jinny. The God Valley incident references a tournament that the Celestial Dragons are hosting in that valley.

The anticipation of the tournament is on another level! As One Piece chapter 1096 spoilers have finally arrived, we will be covering them in detail in this article.

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All of the spoilers are courtesy of OPSPOILERS, REDON, and Pewpiece. 

One Piece Chapter 1096 Spoilers:

According to the spoiler, One Piece chapter 1096 will be titled “Kumachi,” referencing Kuma’s name.

The chapter begins from the conclusion of the previous chapter, Where Kuma met Ivankov and Jinny. Kuma and Ivankov are strategizing to escape the God Valley by possessing the Devil Fruits.

Currently, the Devil Fruits are locked away in boxes, which will serve as the prize for the slave-hunting tournament. After a few moments, we see the Rocks pirates arrive at the God Valley; we can see Garp and Kaido as well.

In an unexpected turn of events, Amazon Lily, also known as Elder Nyon, is revealed to be an active member of the Rocks pirates. Shifting the focus back to the prized Devil Fruits, two of them are Kuma’s Devil Fruit and Kaido’s Devil Fruit.

Kaido and Ivankon plan to steal those Devil Fruits and escape from the island. Shortly after, Big Mom arrives and continues to confront Ivankov. Sadly, Big Mom discovers that Ivankov has stolen Kaido’s Devil Fruit and takes it back.

Before Big Mom could find Kuma, he surprisingly ate his Paw-Paw Devil Fruit and met Jaygarcia Saturn. Later, we also get to see the Roger Pirates, and Roger has his signature Straw Hat with him.

At the end of the chapter, we do not see the God Valley incident clearly but witness the different factions arriving. The series focus moves from the God Valley to the Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma, Ivankov, and Jinny have escaped.

Narrowing down everything, in this chapter, we saw the members of Rocks Pirates: Captain John, Wang Zhi, or Silver John; their silhouettes were not distinguishable, Young Glorioasa, Mrs. Buckingham Stussy, Big Mom, Kaido, and White Beard.

We saw Gol D. Rogers, Silvers Rayleigh, and Scopper Gaban from the Roger Pirates. Apart from the pirates, we saw Garp and Bogard from the Marines. Last but not least, we saw Xebec himself, but his face was not visible.

One Piece manga is setting up the ultimate battle between the Rock Pirates and alliance of Roger Pirates and Monkey D Garp. This battle has been anticipated for years by fans and finally we are on the verge of witnessing what happened.

No break next week! The manga series will continue pre-dominantly.

One Piece chapter 1096 and all of the upcoming chapters will be available to read on the Manga Plus App for free.

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