One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers: Kuma Is Not the Father?

The spoilers for One Piece chapter 1098 are finally starting to emerge, and rest assured, they contain some shocking events.

one piece chapter 1098 spoilers

After Ivankov set out to sea, Kuma and Ginny began living in a church, attempting to make an honest living.

Kuma apparently earned a reputation among the islanders by using his devil fruit powers to heal their injuries and alleviate their pain.

However, due to some unfortunate experiences, Kuma and Ginny ended up joining the revolutionary army, which was also one of his long-awaited dreams. Yet, another distressing incident occurs as Ginny gets kidnapped. 

In this article, we will be discussing more about what happened to Ginny and the culprit behind her abduction based on the spoilers released so far.

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers

one piece chapter 1098 spoilers

According to the spoilers, the upcoming chapter 1098 of One Piece will be labeled “Bonney’s Birth,” and as the title suggests, this installment will discuss the events that ultimately led to Bonney’s birth. 

The person responsible for Ginny’s kidnapping is none other than the celestial dragon himself, who forced her into marriage.

Ginny was living a comfortable life, loved and admired by those around her. She could never have imagined the life she was about to step into, involuntarily becoming the wife of her captor.

After getting oppressed by the celestial dragon for two years, she is finally released from her “luxurious prison” only to experience a different kind of hell. 

Ginny has caught a rare disease, which apparently is incurable, leaving her sick and weak. This caused her captors to discard her without a second thought, as the only thing they ever cared for was to fulfill their own desires. 

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Ginny soon realizes that her days are numbered and even in this state of misery, she doesn’t give up and secretly contacts Kuma, informing him about her situation. 

During their conversation, Kuma manages to piece together the clues and discovers Ginny’s current location. Without giving it a second thought, he uses the teleportation ability of his devil fruit, Nikyu Nikyu no Mi.

Regrettably, his actions fell short as, by the time he arrived, it was already too late. Ginny had unfortunately met her demise. 

Nevertheless, something unexpected occurs upon his arrival. Besides the lifeless body of Ginny, he witnesses a little baby girl, who was suffering from the same disease that had killed Ginny. 

Kuma, the kind-hearted soul he is, couldn’t leave the child alone to die. He decides to take care of Bonney and help her grow into a healthy child. 

Even though he missed his chance to treat Ginny’s disease, Kuma made sure that Bonny didn’t suffer the same fate as her mother and treated her using his devil fruit. 

The chapter finishes off with King Bekori, who had once been cast aside by the Revolutionary army, making his way back to the Sorbet Kingdom. 

He doesn’t seem to have learned anything from his previous mistakes, as he begins causing trouble for the Islanders yet again. 

The One Piece manga will be taking a break after this chapter. 

The recent spoilers for Chapter 1098 strongly suggest that Bonney is not Kuma’s biological daughter. However, previous chapters have depicted Bonney affectionately referring to Kuma as her dad.

This implies that, although not her biological parent, Kuma has indeed taken on the role of Bonney’s adoptive father through his upbringing of her.

One Piece Chapter 1098 will be officially published on November 12, 2023. Fans will be able to read this chapter on the Manga Plus app. 

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