One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Ginny is Kidnapped!

It is that day of the week again! One Piece chapter 1097 spoilers have finally surfaced on the internet entirely.

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After Bonney’s near-death experience with Saturn and Kuma almost getting killed by Akainu, the One Piece manga has shifted to a much-anticipated flashback!

Now, focusing on the God Valley incident, One Piece has taken a deep dive into the past of Kuma and how he met the mother of Bonney, Ginny. Not only is it focusing on their meeting, but also on the God-Valley incident that took place 38 years ago from the present time.

We will discuss One Piece chapter 1097 spoilers much more thoroughly and take a look at the raw scans that have been released so far.

All of the spoilers are courtesy of OPSPOILERS, REDON, and Pewpiece.

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One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1097 will be titled “Ginny” and continues from the events of the previous chapter.

The atrocities of the Sorbet Kingdom are now just being unveiled. The chapter takes place after eight years of the God Valley Incident.

Kuma is now 17 years old and has become a pastor. Ginny is 21 years old and is as bold as ever. Kuma is healing the individuals with his ‘Miracle Hand.’ Ginny is scolding the older people camping inside a church.

According to the people of Sorbet Kingdom, the new king of Sorbet Kingdom is a cruel and unjust ruler who even makes poor and disabled people pay taxes.

Kuma can heal the people of the island only if they are injured lightly or sick.

With all of the pain that Kuma removed from the island’s people, he absorbed it himself, the same thing that Zoro did with Luffy’s pain.

Ginny cries as Kuma does that every week, and the island’s residents do not know about it.

Kuma thinks that someone has to take all the pain and suffering. Fast forward a few years later, Kuma is now 22 years old. Ginny asks Kuma to marry him, but he denies it.

Kuma remembers the outcome of his parents and does not want the same thing to happen to Ginny.

Kuma instantly tries to change the subject and begins telling Ginny about the recent news of Dragon and calls him a hero. Kuma has a dream of going out to the sea and saving many people.

Fast Forward a few more years, Kuma is 25 years old, and a significant incident happened.

Kuma wants the king to release the people he has kidnapped. According to a new rule, a king can use people ‘how’ he wants, which makes Kuma furious as he knows what will happen to those people.

The king has planned to divide the Sorbet Kingdom into two parts: the Northern area and the Southern area.

The Northern area will be called the True Sorbet Kingdom, and the Southern area of the Sorbet Kingdom will be a hindrance for him as it will be made for the people who can not pay their tributes.

Unfortunately, Kuma’s church and home are in the Southern area of the Sorbet Kingdom.

Kuma, Ginny, and three other people can be seen in the jail, and he is now wearing his signature hat. Suddenly, the freedom army arrives and attacks the Kingdom.

Ivankov and Dragon appear and ask if Kuma is still the same old Kuma they used to know/ If he is, then he should join them to change the world.

The Freedom Army came along the “Pirate Era” and “Tragedy of Ohara” and was led by two giants, Ivankov and Dragon.

As soon as Kuma joined the Freedom Army, their name changed to The Revolutionary Army. Ginny also joined the army.

Dragon reveals that the army is still low on funds and will need the RA of a country to help them depose their king.

Dragon will train every new recruit who joins his army, including Ginny and Kuma. In the past, Dragon was once a marine but never found justice. Kuma has decided to follow Dragon as his idol, and Dragon will not let Kuma down in the training.

Fast forward eight more years; Kuma is now 33 years old. Ginny is now the East Army Commander, and she is happy as she will be joining Kuma’s squad a day later.

The chapter concludes with someone reporting to Dragon that Ginny has mysteriously been kidnapped, and it was an ‘unexpected enemy’ who kidnapped her.

One Piece will be on break next week!

The situation is unfolding, and the tensions are rising! One Piece Chapter 1097 will be released on November 5, 2023, and will be available to read on the Manga Plus App for free.

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