One Piece Reveals the Origin of The Revolutionary Army

One Piece Chapter 1097 revealed new information to yet another mystery after putting some light on the God Valley Incident in the previous chapter.

This time, the spotlight was given to “The Revolutionary Army.” Not only were its origins revealed, but the origin of its leader, “Monkey D. Dragon,” was also revealed.

The Origin of The Revolutionary Army, Revealed

So, let’s take a deep dive and see how this group of mercenaries came into existence.

What is the Revolutionary Army?

“The Revolutionary Army” is the only organization officially opposing the World Government and the Five Elders.

The group was founded by “Monkey D. Dragon,” the father of Monkey D. Luffy. It first came into existence as a small group of people after the Ohara Incident.

The Ohara Incident is an event that occurred twenty-two years ago when Ohara Island was eradicated from Earth’s surface using Buster Call (The ultimate military attack by the Marines)

It was because its inhabitants were conducting illegal research on Poneglyphs. The only remaining survivors of this island after the Ohara Incident were Nico Robin and Jaguar D. Saul.

Dragon met Dr. Vegapunk after this incident, declaring war against the World Government and one day forming an army big enough to oppose these monarchs.

Dragon also tried to recruit Vegapunk as a member, but he refused to join as Dragon didn’t have enough funds to support Vegapunk’s experiments.

Shortly after, Dragon recruited Ivankov and Kuma, officially forming the “Revolutionary Army.” However, no information regarding the origins of this organization was known.

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The Reveal in Chapter 1097

In chapter 1097, Dragon made an appearance in the newspaper as the leader of “Freedom Fighters,” an organization that fights against the World Government.

Kuma idolized them whenever he saw them in the newspaper, as Ivankov was the one who saved him from the shackles of the World Government.

Kuma was saved by Ivankov when he was under the slavery of the World Government. After that, Kuma went to Sorbet Kingdom alongside Ginny, and they started living a normal life.

King Becori was the ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom at that time, and he let his soldiers do anything to the civilians. So, they eventually started to kidnap people.

Kuma couldn’t keep quiet about this, so he resisted this behavior. Eventually, he was sent to jail for resisting. Ginny followed suit as she fought against the soldiers to release Kuma.

Fortunately, Ivankov and Dragon raided the Sorbet Kingdom and overthrew King Becori’s rule. They saved Kuma and his friends from jail and added Kuma to their team.

On this occasion, the “Freedom Fighters” received a new name, which was more profound than the earlier. This name was “The Revolutionary Army.”

Dragon as a Marine Officer

One Piece: The Origin of The Revolutionary Army, Revealed

One Piece chapter 1097 revealed what was Dragon’s past occupation before forming the Revolutionary Army.

After Kuma was recruited as an official member of “The Revolutionary Army,” Dragon talked about increasing his forces and giving each member of his organization ammunition for fighting.

Upon this, Kuma asked Dragon how he learned about weapons. Dragon told him that he had worked for the Navy (Marines) in the past.

He also added that he only worked “some time” in the Navy, thus hinting that he couldn’t reach any rank because it takes time to climb up the ranks.

He also rated his experience at Navy a pretty bad one as he couldn’t find justice there. This was expected as the World Government came under the Celestial Dragons, who live off of corruption.

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What are your thoughts on this? Did you think Dragon at least deserved a flashback in this chapter of his days at the Navy? Let us know in the comments below.

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