One Piece Live-Action Poster Featuring Going Merry Surfaces Online

The live-action adaptation of the beloved manga and anime series, “One Piece” has been making waves ever since its announcement by Netflix.

one piece live action poster going merry

A recently leaked promotional poster for the live-action series has set fan forums ablaze.

The poster focuses on the crew’s iconic first ship, the Going Merry, providing a real-world rendition of the vessel.

The image portrays the Going Merry with a distinct realistic design, boasting its famous figurehead of a goat in the foreground.

live action going merry

Unlike its original cartoonish portrayal in the series, the ship has been redesigned with a less caricatured, realistic goat face.

Additionally, vertical “carvings” are visible on the sides of the ship’s front, an element absent from the original version.

The text that appears on the poster is translated as follow:

“Head towards the ocean! A new visual is released early! The dawn of adventure is coming!

Fantastic and dynamic! This is the Going Merry in reality! Come on, it’s time to get ready to see the One Piece live-action series come to life.”

Previous teasers and visuals for the series have revealed the main cast, which includes fan favorites like Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, and Usopp.

one piece live action poster

These characters were depicted from behind, gazing at their cherished ship, the Going Merry. The reactions among fans to these sneak peeks have been mixed, with discussions ranging from Luffy’s lack of sandals to the general anticipation around the adaptation.

The live-action series, which completed its shooting in South Africa, has an eight-episode first season that encompasses the East Blue arc. It’s set to premiere in the latter half of 2023.

Eiichiro Oda, the original creator of One Piece, has been heavily involved in the project, reassuring fans that Netflix has pledged not to release the series until he approves of the results.

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This commitment from Netflix has been essential, considering the notoriety of live-action adaptations often failing to meet the expectations of manga and anime fans.

Despite earlier rumors of a poorly received test screening, these have been debunked by insiders close to Oda.

It’s clear that an enormous amount of work has gone into the production of the series, and the attention to detail in Going Merry’s design is a testament to this effort.

With the release of the live-action One Piece series on the horizon, fan anticipation continues to build. Fans across the globe are eager to see their beloved series brought to life.

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