One Piece Live Action Test Screening Flopped Rumor Debunked

Just a few days ago, a Twitter user by the handle @DivinitySeeker1 set the internet abuzz with a claim that Netflix’s One Piece live-action series had recently held a test screening, which resulted in negative feedback from audience members unfamiliar with the One Piece franchise.

one piece live action test screening

The rumour quickly gained momentum as numerous fan sites picked up and reported on the story. However, these claims’ validity was soon questioned when a reliable source associated with Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, stepped forward to debunk the rumours.

In the tweet that sparked the controversy, Divinity Seeker claimed to have heard from a credible source about the alleged test screening and the negative responses it received. They further elaborated that Netflix was supposedly working on rewriting the script for several episodes in response to the unfavourable reception.

However, Greg Werner, an official collaborator and consultant who works with Oda, recently put these rumors to rest. Despite having no direct connection to Netflix’s One Piece live-action series, Werner’s involvement with Oda lends weight to his words. He took to Twitter to clarify, stating: “That test audience article that you don’t need to read, click, or share, is entirely untrue.”

Given Hollywood’s track record of struggling to successfully adapt anime and manga into live-action films or series, it’s no surprise that fans were quick to believe the baseless rumor. However, considering the substantial investment Netflix is making in the One Piece live-action series, it seems highly unlikely that the final product will end up as a flop.

It’s worth noting that the credibility of Divinity Seeker’s sources has been called into question before. A compilation of their past inaccuracies, put together by a Reddit user, includes the spread of a false rumour about a Harley Quinn prequel show. In light of this history, fans should take the recent One Piece rumours with a grain of salt and remain cautiously optimistic about the upcoming live-action adaptation.

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The live-action adaptation of One Piece, produced by Netflix, has completed filming. However, the streaming giant has not yet announced an official release date for the series.

Sources: Comicbook, Twitter

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