One Piece Remake: Current Anime Staff Member Expresses Sadness

One Piece, the manga series by Eiichiro Oda, has been adapted into a long-running anime by Toei Animation since 1999. The anime has been praised for its faithful and colorful rendition of the manga, as well as its iconic voice cast, music, and animation.

one piece remake

However, the anime has also faced criticism for its slow pacing, filler episodes, and inconsistent quality in the early series episodes, which may be a turn-off for new anime watchers.

Recently, Netflix announced a new anime adaptation of One Piece, animated by Wit Studio. The upcoming anime will recreate the original manga’s story, beginning with the East Blue arc.

The announcement generated mixed reactions from fans. Some are excited about a fresh and modern take on the classic series, while others are skeptical about the need for a remake and Netflix’s involvement.

One question that emerged from this announcement was how the remake would impact the current anime team at Toei Animation, who have dedicated many years to the series. The thought that a new, better-paced anime might overshadow their work raised concerns among fans.

One One Piece anime staff member expressed disappointment on Twitter, stating, “What will happen to anime that is currently being broadcast? It makes me feel a little sad that the value of the anime that we have built up until now seems to be diminishing.

one piece remake

The tweet went viral on social media channels, sparking a discussion among fans. Some fans showed their support and appreciation for the current anime team, saying that they did a great job despite the production constraints and challenges.

They also said that the remake would not diminish the value of the current anime but rather complement it and introduce new audiences to the story.

Other fans, however, argued that the current anime had many flaws and problems that needed to be fixed, and that the remake was a chance to improve the adaptation and make it more faithful to the manga. They also said that the current anime team should not feel sad, but rather motivated to do better and learn from the remake.

The remake of One Piece is still in its early stages, and there is not much information about its release date, format, staff, cast, and animation style. However, it is clear that the remake has generated a lot of interest and debate among One Piece fans.

one piece remake

One reassuring aspect for One Piece fans is the presence of the names Shueisha and Toei Animation on the announcement poster. This inclusion strongly suggests that Toei Animation will indeed play a role in the anime remake, providing fans with a sense of continuity and connection to the original series.

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