One Piece Will Dominate 2023, Not Demon Slayer or Bleach: Says One Piece Animator

The One Piece anime series, currently animating the much-talked-about Wano arc, has Toei Animation going all out to ensure the highest quality possible for the small screen.

one piece 2023

With anticipation building for the upcoming episodes, fans eagerly await Luffy’s showdown with Kaido and the heavily hyped power-up set to occur during the battle.

Recently, a One Piece animator @henry_thurlow came forward on Twitter with rather a controversial statement, claiming that 2023 is the year of One Piece and not Demon Slayer or Bleach.

Thurlow isn’t throwing shade at either rival series, clarifying that he is not a hater of Bleach or Demon Slayer, but neither will be showcasing their most significant climax battles in 2023, thus giving One Piece the advantage. He further explains that fans have already gotten tons of great fights but many more insane, historic moments are up ahead.

Toei Animation, the studio responsible for One Piece’s adaptation, is no stranger to producing high-quality anime, with other notable works including Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Digimon. Eiichiro Oda’s original manga serves as the source material for the anime, and it has been a juggernaut in the world of manga and anime for over two decades.

Meanwhile, Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc is currently airing with Tanjiro and other Demon Slayer taking on the upper moon demons who have successfully infiltrated Swordsmith Village.

Bleach’s TYBW on the other hand is currently on a short break and the second cour is slated for a July 2023 release. The first cour showed Quincy King attacking the Soul Society and murdering thousands while Ichigo wasn’t able to do anything. Moreover, Bleach TYBW part 2 will include a fight scene that wasn’t in the manga.

As 2023 looms, the question on everyone’s minds is whether One Piece will indeed reign supreme or if Demon Slayer and Bleach will give the pirate saga a run for its money.

Source: Twitter

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