One Piece’s Netflix Viewership Indicates Next Week as Pivotal for Series’ Future

Netflix has just unveiled its weekly data for the top 10 most-watched shows, and the One Piece live-action series is making waves. In just four days since its debut, the show has garnered an astonishing 18.5 million views.

one piece live action in numbers

Yet, these impressive figures don’t guarantee a second season for the One Piece live-action series. The viewership stats for the upcoming week will be a decisive factor for fans eagerly awaiting news on Season 2.

One Piece Ranks Among Top 10 TV Shows in 93 Countries

The numbers, disclosed on Netflix’s official website, reveal that the One Piece live-action series has accumulated 140 million hours of watch time and 18.5 million views.

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These stats are noteworthy, especially when compared to the opening week performance of other Netflix originals.

With 140 million hours watched in its first week, One Piece Season 1 currently holds the 11th spot on the list of shows with the most viewed hours during their debut week.

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The series is trailing behind some of Netflix’s juggernauts; “Wednesday” leads the pack with 341 million hours watched, followed by “Stranger Things” Season 4 at 286 million hours.

Given that these statistics only cover the first four days since One Piece’s release, the series has ample time to climb the ranks.

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The Coming Week Could Be A Make-or-Break Moment for One Piece

While the One Piece live-action series has been a smash hit within the anime and manga community, Netflix has yet to break its silence on the show’s renewal prospects. Several factors could be contributing to this reticence.

One significant issue might be the ongoing Writers Strike, which is causing widespread production delays across Hollywood, not just for Netflix.

Another consideration is the high production cost of the One Piece live-action series. Each episode comes with a hefty price tag of over $17 million, making it one of Netflix’s most expensive projects to date.

To justify such an investment, the streaming giant needs to see specific viewership numbers, reinforcing the idea that the upcoming week is pivotal for the show’s future.

The series has already garnered impressive numbers, but it’s worth noting that One Piece boasts the world’s largest anime and manga fanbase. The 18.5 million views are likely driven by this dedicated community, as evidenced by the buzz on social media platforms where fans have overwhelmingly praised the show.

Yet, the question remains: Is the series attracting viewers who aren’t already fans of the anime or manga? As we’ve explored in a previous article, the live-action adaptation still has to prove its mainstream appeal.

If the series maintains its current viewership trajectory, it will indicate that even those unfamiliar with the One Piece franchise are tuning in.

one piece live action in numbers

Currently, the One Piece live-action series holds the 11th spot for most-watched hours in its debut week. With 140 million watch hours, it’s on the verge of breaking into the top 10, potentially surpassing “The Witcher” Season 2, which has 142 million watch hours.

One Piece’s live-action series has not only captivated audiences in the West but has also received high praise in Japan. The majority of Japanese viewers have rated the series highly, lauding it for its faithfulness to the original anime and manga.

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Based on the above numbers, fans should rest assured that Season 2 is still not off the menu. As we await the crucial numbers for the upcoming week, one thing is clear: One Piece has set sail on a promising journey, and it’s one that fans, both old and new, will be eager to continue.

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