One Punch Man Is Getting A Live Action Hollywood Film

After being a super hit in the anime department, One Punch Man’s Saitama is ready to take on the bigger screen. According to a report by Deadline, One Punch Man live action movie is being directed by the previous Fast & Furious director, Justin Lin.

One Punch Man live action

Sony Pictures has acquired the film rights from the One Punch Man publishing company, Shueisha. Arad Productions who have previously worked on films like Venom, Ghost in the Shell, Iron Man, Spider Man films, and X men films, will be producing the live action film.

The script for the One Punch Man movie is being written by Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner who have previously worked on Jumanji: The Next Level, and Venom. The production of the film is scheduled to begin at the end of the year. The Director and the producer of this film, Justin Lin is known for directing many films from the popular Fast and Furious franchise. He recently left the Fast and Furious as a director due to creative differences with Vin Diesel.

No information about the cast has been announced yet, but fans are eager to know who will be playing their favorite bald super hero Saitama. It should be pointed out that Hollywood’s live action attempts for anime has not been great so far. Some of the live action films, including Dragon Ball Evolution and Death Note (live action film) were rated below average by fans.

One Punch Man tells the story of an ordinary guy named Saitama who gets immense strength after doing 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, and 10km run every day. He went bald, but he got the power to knock out his every opponent with one punch.

One Punch Man franchise was created in 2009 as a web comic by the artist, ONE. A manga series drawn by Yusuke Murata started publication in Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website in 2012. The manga series has been compiled into 26 volumes as of June 2022. An anime adaptation was produced by the Studio Mad House, and the first season was released in Oct 2015. The second season was produced by J.C. Staff and it was released in Oct 2019. There are no announcements about season 3 so far.

Source: Deadline

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