One Punch Man to be removed from Netflix in upcoming days

Published on September 21st, 2021

One Punch Man is one of the most popular superhero manga created by ONE. An anime adaptation was produced by Studio Madhouse, which aired in October 2015. The second season of the series aired in 2019.

Due to the popular demand, Netflix brought the season 1 to its streaming platform. As it turns out, One Punch Man will be removed from Netflix. Fans have till October 19 to watch this anime series.

Why Netflix is removing One Punch Man? Netflix licenses TV shows and movies from around the world, but that doesn’t mean that these series will stay forever on the platform. Most of the show licenses are bought for 1 to 2 years, after that certain period, they leave Netflix.

As far as One Punch Man is concerned, the series will leave on October 19.

When Season 3 will be released?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when One Punch Man season 3 will be released. If anime will ever get next season depends on two factors:

  • Source Material
  • Popularity

There is now enough material to produce a 3rd season of anime adaptation. The popularity of the franchise is also not an issue. After Dragon Ball franchise, this is probably the most popular superhero manga.

Why Season 3 not announced yet?

Despite the franchise popularity, Why season 3 not announced yet? It is because season 2 animation was not well received by fans.

In case you don’t know, Season 1 was produced by Madhouse. It received lots of praise from critics, and still consider one of the best animated works. Season 2 was produced by JC Staff, the animation was not up to the standard of Season 1. JC Staff received criticism for average quality animation.

The main goal of anime adaptation is to promote the original work, in this case that is manga. Now the situation is that manga is selling really well despite One Punch Man not getting season 3. After the blunder of season 2, which was probably not profitable for the studio, it is really difficult to imagine a new season for the franchise at this point.

Expected release date for season 3

The first season of One Punch Man came out in 2015, while the second season aired in 2019. According to many unofficial sources, the 3rd season of the franchise could come out in 2023.

Although, we still don’t know if One Punch Man will get a 3rd season, but the popularity of the franchise keeps going up. There is still hope.

Source: Netflix

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