Opinions of Foreigners do not influence how anime is produced

Anime has become mainstream in a last couple of years thanks to some amazing production quality of anime. With lots of new fans, comes new criticism. Japan have always been known for making some anime that are not for general audience and we often see many posts on Twitter which are criticising some new scene from anime or how some characters have out of proportion body.

First question that comes to mind while seeing all that criticism is “Does this criticism influence how anime is produced in Japan?”. Well the answer is no. During an interview taken by Youtuber Gigguk, J.C.Staff (anime studio) producer said that while they are aware of opinions of foreigners, they do not make changes to anime for foreigners sake.

Gigguk (Youtuber): One thing I’ve always wondered about is, for me as a fan from outside of Japan and knowing that Japanese companies produce anime for the Japanese themselves which is then sold abroad, recently it seems that foreign fans now “have a voice ”within Japanese companies. Regarding you, do you take the opinions of foreign fans into account when you are producing a new project? Or is it something they don’t bother to review?

Atsushi Fujishiro (JC Staff Producer): I don’t think fans overseas have caused big changes in the way we work or in our style. When I think about it, the Japanese animation style has always been well received abroad. So instead of changing things overseas, we just stick with our own style. While we are aware of the opinions of foreigners, we generally do not make changes in their favor

You can watch the full interview here, where Gigguk visits J.C Staff and talks about anime:

Source: Gigguk

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