Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Ruby is Ai Hoshino?!

Oshi no Ko is a wonder hit manga that had little to no appreciation in the early days but rose in the industry as one of the most dominant manga series, thanks to the anime adaptation.

Written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, Oshi no Ko goes deep into the entertainment industry’s dark side, which is kept hidden from everyday viewers. Oshi no Ko is known for its engaging plot and complex characters.

In chapter 128, the B-Komachi’s group members are set on a new task they have no experience with: starring in a movie.

Aquamarine Hoshino himself writes the script, and all of the other members of B-Komachi, including him, will be portraying the characters.

And now, things are about to get even crazier. Oshi no Ko chapter 129 spoilers have finally arrived, and if you are unfamiliar, the Oshi no Ko spoilers are usually released every Tuesday. Here are the spoilers and raw scans of the upcoming chapter of Oshi no Ko!

Oshi no Ko manga chapter 129 is scheduled for October 18, 2023!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of d0nut on Twitter/X!

Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 begins with a conversation between Akane and Kana, where Akane asks Kana to keep the water bottle prop closed for the filming.

Kana apologizes, but Akane calls her illiterate in a satirical manner.

Akane calls out to Kana and tells her to fix her hair as an ahoge is sticking out that looks unsightly. The character that Akane will be roleplaying is called Takami, and for Kana, the character is called Nino.

Mem-cho calls out ‘Takami’ and says she should not bully ‘Nino’ like that.

After their conversation, the shooting for the movie “15 Years of Lies” begins shooting! The first day of shooting went a little rough as it was the first time acting for everyone, and Strawberry Productions had to view the equipment for the movie properly.

Ruby Hoshino will be reprising the role of her mother, Ai Hoshino, the narrator; mem-cho speaks for the movie.

With Akane and Kana’s help, she did her job well, as she had to do the most minor work out of everyone.

After Mem-Cho, it was Ruby’s turn, and she absolutely could not manage to do anything, according to the staff. Every line she says, the staff cuts, and after around 13 tries, Ruby is tired, but she will not stop until the director is satisfied.

In curiosity, Ruby asks the staff what should be done to make the director satisfied, and after asking the director, the answer is baffling.

The director said as Ruby is portraying Ai, she should act like her, and Ai never really thought about anything, so she should not try that hard to portray her.

Ruby is stunned by his answer and starts defending her mother, a woman who always hides her real emotions from the world and continues to say that no one knows about her.

The shooting begins once again, and this time, Ruby’s voice is felt through the whole studio, and everyone is shocked.

It turns out that the director wants Ruby to act entirely like Ai as he wants to capture her feelings in the film totally. Ruby and Aqua’s way of working is quite literally the same, so the director knows how to get the best out of them.

The chapter ends with Kana warning everyone else to prepare to give their best, as the director wants perfection in his work.

The series will continue next week with no break.

If you are wondering, Oshi no Ko chapter 129 will be readable on the Mangaplus app and website!

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