Studio Behind Oshi No Ko Is Working on A New Original Anime

In the Spring of 2023, anime fans were introduced to multiple anime, but one series stood out as clearly the fan favorite.

Oshi No Ko took the best Anime of the Spring 2023 spot, forming a cult-like fanbase and receiving critical acclaim. Studio Doga Kobo’s talented staff was behind this anime series, creating a major reputation for the studio in the anime industry.

Jellyfish Don't Swim in the Night

After the major commercial success of Oshi No Ko, Studio Doga Kobo is expanding its domain with a brand new original anime airing in 2024. The details of the Anime are as follows:

Details on The New Anime

The new original anime by Doga Kobo will be titled ‘Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night.’ After the reveal on Twitter, the anime simultaneously revealed its third key visual and a trailer.

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The anime is specifically developed to celebrate Doga Kobo’s 50th anniversary as a major anime studio in the industry.

Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night is slated to air in 2024. The exact release date is yet to be announced.

The Plot of Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night

The Summary of the Anime is explained by Crunchyroll as follows:

“I want to find what I enjoy.” Shibuya, a district overflowing with identity.

A girl trying to find herself drifts through Shibuya in the dead of night until a special encounter changes everything.

For the first time, the creative activities of unknown young girls will begin—

As for the characters, the names have not been revealed as of yet. The characters in the key visuals are supposedly the anime’s main protagonists.

The Staff of The Anime

The anime’s script is written by JELEE, marking their first debut as an original anime scriptwriter.

The renowned episode director of Mushoku Tensei, Ryouhei Takeshita, will be in charge of directing the series, marking his debut as a professional director.

Popman3580, a famous Twitter artist, will be in charge of the character designs, and this will be their first professional work.

The author of the renowned Anime Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Yuki Yaku, will supervise the anime.

Currently, this is all of the information on the Jellyfish Don’t Swim in The Night Anime currently available at the moment.

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