Oshi no Ko Theme Song English Version Released: Watch

The English version of the Oshi no Ko theme song, “Idol,” has been unveiled on YouTube. It was previously declared that YOASOBI would be performing an English interpretation of the song to accompany the English-dubbed version of Oshi no Ko.

The English version of the anime was released on HIDIVE, paired with the newly interpreted theme song.

It was previously confirmed that the English interpretation of the song would make its debut two days post the premier of the first episode of the English dub on May 26 (it’s already May 26 in Japan).

The original Oshi no Ko theme, “Idol,” has notably garnered over 100 million views on YouTube, making it the quickest anime theme song to reach this achievement.

The popularity of the song is not solely attributed to the anime series. YOASOBI has an extensive following and has even created a significant impact on TikTok and other social platforms with their hit song, “Racing Into the Night.”

YOASOBI is not unfamiliar with translating their songs into English, which contributes to their growing international fanbase.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Oshi no Ko anime series can be streamed on HIDIVE. The series gained a massive boost thanks to the clever strategy of releasing a 90-minute premiere episode, which skyrocketed the ratings of Oshi no Ko from the start.

Although the ratings of Oshi no Ko have continued the downward trend since the premiere episode, the series has been a massive hit among anime fans.

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The plot revolves around a teenage idol named AI who falls pregnant. In an attempt to keep this a secret, she opts to visit a remote hospital.

Here, she encounters a doctor who appears to be her most enthusiastic fan. Regrettably, the doctor meets a tragic end at the hands of a fanatical AI supporter. Fortunately, he is reincarnated as one of AI’s twin babies. However, the plot takes a menacing twist when the same obsessed fan who caused the doctor’s demise also seeks to end AI’s life.

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