Oshi No Ko Ratings Continues to Fall Despite the Hype

Oshi No Ko released its first episode of 1 hour and 25 minutes last April 12, 2023. With the first episode almost covering the entire prologue, Oshi No Ko instantly caught the attention of many anime fans and quickly rose to popularity.

The series was a total dark horse during its premiere. It is because of achieving a huge milestone with its first episode by becoming the highest-rated series. Although Fullmetal Alchemist quickly regained its top spot, Oshi no Ko caught the eyes of many fans.

However, the series’ popularity seems to be slowly fading because of its rating. 

Ai doing a heart sign

Oshi No Ko may have broken a record. But it cannot seem to satisfy a lot of fans because the ratings keep falling.

As reported, one of the most extensive anime databases, MyAnimeList, was recently hacked and Oshi no Ko ratings continues to keep getting 1 star ratings on the platform.

Oshi No Ko Ratings Decline

From number one, the series continues to drop, reaching rank eleven on the highest-rated anime of MyAnimeList, as of the writing of this article.

It currently has a rating of 9.03 based on the reviews over 145 thousand users. Out of these numerous users, 4825 gave the series one star, while 57% or 83,835 rated the series ten.

22.2% gave the series a nine-star rating, while 10.4% gave it an eight. Hence. With this number, it is hard to believe that the series has fallen from the top spot to the eleventh, mainly because 3.3% of users only gave it a one-star rating.

Japanese fans on various online forums even shared their thoughts, and their words weren’t primarily positive:

  • In Japan’s entertainment world, disappointment is the norm
  • revenge has come
  • I really don’t understand the taste of foreigners
  • Well, with Aqua Hoshino getting closer and closer to her mental age, the matter of reincarnation is losing all meaning
  • Well, YOASOBI’s opening theme song is still viral. But, is it for being YOASOBI or for being Oshi no Ko?
  • I’m just surprised

However, it is not too late for the series to return to its feet and reclaim the throne. It’s current standing in terms of ratings implies how an episode can drastically affect the anime.

There are still plenty of Oshi No Ko episodes to look forward to. Therefore, the question now lies in whether its rating will continually fall or will it come back to prove that it deserved the recognition and hype from the first episode.

As the battle of Spring 2023 animes is coming to an end pretty soon, this will be an exciting event to anticipate.

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In case you haven’t already, you can watch the Oshi no Ko anime series on HIDIVE. The series tells the story of a teen Idol named AI, who gets pregnant. In order to keep it a secret, she goes to a distant hospital.

She meets a doctor who seems to be her biggest fan. Unfortunately, he gets killed by one of the crazy AI fans. Thankfully, he gets reincarnated as one of AI’s twin babies. The story takes a dark turn when that same fan comes to take the life of AI.

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