Overlord Season 4 Episode Count, Release Time, Staff & Cast

Overlord story is set in the year 2138, where a massive multi-player role-playing game called YGGDRASIL is pretty popular. However, after 12 years of being online, for some reason the game is going to shut down its servers. One of the players of the game decided to wait till the last moment of the game before logging out, game servers gets shut down and the MC, Ainz gets trapped in the game world with his skeleton avatar. Furthermore, the game NPCs come to life. Here is everything you need to know about Overlord season 4.

Season 4 Episode Count? According to the distribution information for the Blu-ray/DVD compilation packages, Overlord season 4 will have a total of 13 episodes, just like the previous three seasons which all had 13 episodes.

Where To Watch Season 4? As announced during Crunchyroll panel at Anime Expo, Overlord will be streaming on Cruncyroll in North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Oceania and CIS. Fans from South Asian countries can watch the series on Ani One Asia YouTube premium membership.

Episode Release Time: Overlord will release the new episodes every Tuesday at 10 PM (Japanese Standard Time). Crunchyroll has not officially announced the release time, but the streaming service usually releases new episodes, 1 hour after the Japanese broadcast. Here is the release time in different time zones:

  • Pacific Timing: 7 AM PT
  • Central Timing: 9 AM CT
  • Eastern Timing: 10 AM ET
  • British Timing: 3 PM BST
  • Indian Timing: 7:30 PM IST
  • Philippines Timing: 10 PM


DirectorNaoyuki Itou
Character DesignSatoshi Tasaki
Script WriterYukie Sugawara


RoleVoice Actor
Ains Ooal GownSatoshi Hino
AlbedoYumiri Hara
ShaltearSumire Uesaka
DemiurgeMasayuki Kato
CocytusKenta Miyake

Overlord is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama, Since the release in 2021, so far 14 volumes have been published. There are currently 3 anime seasons produced by Studio Madhouse. First season started airing in Sept 2015 while the 3rd season aired in Jan 2018.

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