Top 10 Most Popular Pink Hair Girls of All Time (According to Japan)

Hair of pink colour might not be regular in real life, but in anime, the girl which such hair, mostly makes up the show by putting some spice in it. But which pink hair girl is the most popular of all time?

To make this difficult decision, we turn to the home of the anime, Japan. Japan’s biggest ranking website, Goo Ranking, asked anime fans to rank their favourite pink hair girls of all time. Five thousand fans voted for their favourite anime waifus and crowned their queen.

Here is a list of the Top 10 cutest anime girls of all time chosen by Japanese anime fans.

10. Chika Fujiwara

Chika Fujiwara anime girls
  • Anime Title: Kaguya-sama: Love is War Series

Chika is the secretary of the Student Council of The Prestigious Shuchiin Academy. She is a good friend of both protagonists, Kaguya and Miyuki, and is the daughter of a lawyer.

Chika has a very bright personality. The Student Council consider her annoying as she always brings new games to them and starts to decide everything through them. She has a very approachable personality and knows how to get out of any situation!

9. Mitsuri Kanjori

Mitsuri Kanroji
  • Anime Title: Demon Slayer Series

Mitsuri is one of the strongest demon fighters in the series. She is the Love Hashira alongside eight other Hashiras. Mitsuri has not made any big appearances in the anime, but she will make a big appearance in the Season 3 of the series.

As Mitsuri is the Love Hashira, you expect her personality to be a king and passionate. And in reality, she is like this. In the anime, she talks to herself instead of speaking as she is timid, making her cute. Her personality on the outside is very bright and natural.

8. Chibiusa

  • Anime Title: Sailor Moon Series

Chibiusa is the princess of the 30th century Earth, and her real name is Usagi. She has the name Chibiusa to differentiate her from Usagi (“Usagi” means rabbit in Japanese). She mostly makes appearances in the Sailor Moon Senshi parts of the season.

Chibiusa has a charming and hot-headed personality. Most of the time, people misunderstand her statements because of how double-meaning they are. She is extroverted, but she was pretty socially awkward at the start. She overcame this part of her and became a new person.

7. Tomoka Minato

Tomoka Minato
  • Anime Title: Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Tomoka is the series’ main protagonist and captain of the “Keishin Girls Basketball Team”. She is the only player in the team who has played basketball before in her life.

Despite her small height, Tomoka is the most mature out of all the girls in her basketball team. She has an earnest personality and is obsessed with winning. She even transferred schools from her old school as she wanted to keep on winning. But, she learns there is more than just winning games when she arrives in her new school.

6. Miyuki Takara

Miyuki Takara
  • Anime Title: Lucky Star!

Miyuki is one of the four main protagonists of the anime series. She belongs to a wealthy family and gets adored by many because of her beauty and social status.

Miyuki has a very ladylike personality because of her upbringing in a wealthy family. She is pretty average in her studies and sports. She is gorgeous and has big breasts, for which her group mates often tease her. She has a very polite accent and avoids doing outrageous stuff.

5. Ichika Nakano

Ichika Nakano
  • Anime Title: The Quintessential Quintuplets

Ichika is the oldest of the quintessential sisters in the series. She has a passion for acting and becoming an actress. She often skips studies because she is busy doing shoots and stuff.

Ichika has a very sadistic personality as she likes to tease others. She likes the protagonist Fuutaro and does some messed up stuff to take him for herself. Primarily, she acts as the big sister who cares about her little sisters but sometimes wants to be spoiled, which she urges the protagonist to do.

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4. Sakura Haruno

  • Anime Title: Naruto Series

Sakura is one of the three members of Team 7 and The New Legendary Sannin. Her power attribute is healing magic, and she possesses monstrous strength.

Sakura has a very moody personality. She is in love with her teammate Sasuke and is willing to do anything to make him notice her. She also has an “Inner Sakura”, expressing her pure emotions. When she gets angry, she wreaks havoc.

3. Nino Nakano

Nino Nakano
  • Anime Title: The Quintessential Quintuplets

Nino is the second oldest sister out of the quintessential sisters. She is the mother figure of all her sisters, as she knows how to cook and care for everyone’s medical health.

Nino has a very outgoing personality and is very aware socially. She is also a tsundere, as she does not like to express her love for the protagonist at the start, but she gets pretty bold later in the series with the protagonist.

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2. Louise Françoise

Louise Françoise
  • Anime Title: The Familiar of Zero

Louise is the series’s main protagonist and the irregular mage because she fails to summon a spirit. She is known as “Louise the Zero” because of this reason. She summons a human spirit later in the series named Saito Hirage.

Louise has anger issues and mood swings. Sometimes, she is a free spirit and shows standard behaviour with everyone. And sometimes, she is so angry that Louise wants to destroy the other person. Her summon, the human Saito faces her wrath whenever she is angry.

1. Milfeulle Sakuraba

Milfeulle Sakuraba
  • Anime Title: Galaxy Angel Series

Sakuraba is the first Moon Angel Troupe member and the series’s protagonist. She loves to do cooking, and making desserts is her favourite part.

Sakuraba has “good luck”, which is almost too good. She always escapes the most dangerous situations because of this blessing, but she also faces some real issues as this blessing also becomes a curse. But despite all this, she is always cheerful and happy.

Do you agree with this ranking of most popular pink hair anime girls? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Goo Ranking

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