Players Can Go Super Saiyan In New Dragon Ball X Fortnite Collab

Within the last week or so, Fortnite data miners and leakers alike have all gone to Twitter to announce that Dragon Ball is actually coming to Fortnite – and soon! Although we still have yet to receive an official confirmation from Epic Games, it’s undeniable that a collab is coming with the amount of info being leaked.

We know that there are four character skins coming to the game as well as a mysterious in-game event but as of yesterday something else has been leaked. As the title states, Super Saiyans are coming to Fortnite. And you could become one of the super Saiyan too!

Super Saiyan Fortnite

Thanks to a recent leak coming from @ShiinaBR, a reliable Fortnite source who first broke the story on the whole Dragon Ball X Fortnite story we know that Super Saiyans are coming, but how? Well, the answer to that is easy, emotes!

Coming to the Fortnite store alongside Dragon Ball character skins is a built-in Super Saiyan emote that will transform the character into their Super Saiyan state. The emote will obviously include the iconic spiked-up yellow hair, but aside from that, we don’t know what the emote or even skin will look like.

This emote is a small part of what seems to be a large collaboration for the game. Aside from the Super Saiyan emote, we know that the collab will bring over four skins, who are rumored to be, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and an unknown fourth. Alongside them, there will be quests, free rewards, an in-game location and more! You can see the full tweet with all the currently leaked info below!

Just like last year’s Naruto collab that everyone denied, it looks as if Dragon Ball x Fortnite is really coming! So tell us what are your thoughts on the upcoming collab? Will this be the update that brings you back on Fortnite? Did you ever quit? As always, we here at Anime Senpai love to hear our audience’s thoughts and opinions, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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