Popular Indie Game ‘Omori’ is Receiving a Manga Adaptation

Following the announcement of anime adaptations of one of the most famous games, Dark Souls and Sekiro, another video game is receiving a much-requested manga adaptation known as Omori.

omori manga adaptation
omori manga adaptation

In the new generation of anime and manga, it is becoming frequent for a dominant video game to either receive an anime or manga adaptation.

The official Twitter/X account of the developer, OMOCAT LLC, broke the news about the manga adaptation of their game, which caused quite a stir on social media.

omori manga

The series will be published by Kodansha under Monthly Afternoon magazine, with the likes of Vinland Saga. It will be penned by Nui Konoito-sensei, which will make this serialization his debut work.

What is Omori About?

If you are unfamiliar, Omori is an indie horror game developed and published by an indie studio called OMOCAT. The game took precisely six years to develop, and the outcome was nothing less than a fantastic and one-of-a-kind game.

The game follows the themes of depression, anxiety, and mental disorders, which can cause an individual to suffer from bipolar disorder.

Omori follows a hikikomori (Japanese for a Shut-in) named ‘Omori’ who spends his time in a void called “White Space” for as long as he can remember. Behind the White Space, there is a door where his friends live.

The whole world is full of vibrance, called “Headspace.” Later, we face a significant turn of events, and it is revealed that Headspace is nothing but an illusion in the mind of a boy named ‘Sunny’. Sunny’s alter ego is known as Omori.

The player determines the actions of both Sunny and Omori, and their actions can lead to multiple consequences. Omori consists of multiple endings, which are dependent on the choices and actions of the player.

The game focuses on RPG elements with turn-based battles, allowing player to control multiple characters at once.

Omori is no stranger to accolades; although the game has not won any awards, it has been nominated in three categories for indie games, including the prestigious “Best Indie Game of The Year” award.

Expectations For the Adaptation:

There has been no information about the manga’s story, whether it will be a brand-new supervised story or follow a specific game ending.

The series will debut by the end of the month or next month since it is not confirmed in the monthly magazine known as Afternoon.

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