Popular Manga Pirate Sites Might Have Shut Down Permanently

Previously, Japan Government approved a new copyright law to minimize the anime and manga piracy. Popular anime and manga pirate sites KissAnime and KissManga were shut down and it seems like popular manga piracy sites are the new target of copyright strikes.

Mangakakalot, a popular manga pirate websites which gets more than 100 million views monthly have been facing loading issues, while the website loads properly but shows no manga content/images.

Source: Mangakakalot

Instead of manga panels, website shows a text image which reads “This video has been restricted. Streaming video from Cloudflare’s basic service is a violation of terms of service. If you are a webmaster, please file a support ticket to learn more”. Many other manga reading pirate websites like Mangabat are facing the same issue.

Fans are assuming that some of these sites are getting strikes from the original content owners, which is why we can not see any manga content on these websites. It could also be that websites are just changing or upgrading the server as no announcement has been posted on these websites regarding this issue.

Fans have mixed feelings over the manga sites shutting down. A Twitter user commented “It’s such a touchy subject. Free sites give so many unlicensed manga a chance to get into our hands but also doesn’t let the artist get paid for their amazing work like reading from digital download sites. Everything makes me so sad. I wish everything could be printed.

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