Popular Manga ‘Rooster Fighter’ Is Likely Getting an Anime Adaptation

Fans of the hit manga “Rooster Fighter” have reason to crow. A recent leak suggests that this feathered hero may soon strut onto our screens in anime form. While official confirmation is still pending, the evidence points to an exciting development for fans of the series.

rooster fighter anime

The news broke when a promo for an Adult Swim screening panel at San Diego Comic Con 2024 briefly appeared on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s social media.

Though quickly deleted, the post set the internet on fire with speculation. The panel, scheduled for July 26, seems likely to make a big announcement. We will also get the first look at Uzumaki anime if the leak turns out to be true.

rooster fighter anime leak

For those unfamiliar with “Rooster Fighter,” or “Niwatori Fighter” in Japanese, the manga has been pecking its way up the popularity charts since its debut. Created by mangaka Syu Sakuratani, the series began its run in 2020, published by Shogakukan in their Manga ONE app and website.

The plot of “Rooster Fighter” is as wild as it sounds. It follows the adventures of a humanoid rooster who battles demons to protect humanity. Armed with an unbreakable spirit, our feathered hero faces threats that would make most humans run for cover.

If the anime adaptation rumor proves true, it would mark the first time “Rooster Fighter” has spread its wings beyond the manga format. The potential involvement of Adult Swim, known for its edgy and unconventional series like Rick and Morty, suggests that the adaptation could maintain the manga’s unique tone and appeal to a wide audience.

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The timing of this leak is particularly interesting. With San Diego Comic Con 2024 on the horizon, fans are eyeing the Adult Swim panel with renewed interest. Could this be the moment when “Rooster Fighter” officially takes flight in animated form?

For now, fans of “Rooster Fighter” will have to roost on this news and wait for further updates.

Stay tuned for updates as we approach San Diego Comic Con 2024. The world of anime might just be getting a new feathered fighter in its ranks.

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