Power of Internet Helps New Manga To Surpass Dragon Ball Super and Boruto

The power of the internet is undeniable. At times, it can thrust even the newest creations into the spotlight. This is exactly what happened with a new manga that gained immense popularity after releasing just one chapter.


The manga we’re talking about is “Kagurabachi,” a fresh addition to the Weekly Shonen Jump lineup. Its story centers around Chihiro, who embarks on a mission of revenge against a wicked sorcerer clan and Yakuza members linked to his father’s death.

Being the son of a swordsmith, Chihiro is adept with a blade. And with sorcerers in the mix, expect some magical twists.

The first chapter of the series was not something extraordinary. It basically introduced us to our protagonist and his swordsmith father. Some knowledge of Yakuzas who have taken over the city in addition to the appearance of one of the evil sorcerers.

So, how did such a typical series (based on its first chapter) gain such rapid popularity? The answer: the magic of social media.

Anime and manga fandom has been drawing comparisons between Kagurabachi and every other series out there.

Here is one of the recent memes that reached more than 5 million people:

Before the manga even launched, its announcement had anime and manga fans creating memes, drawing comparisons with big names like Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece.

By the time “Kagurabachi” was released, it was already on many fans’ radars.

Currently, it’s ranked seventh on Manga Plus’s hot manga list, outdoing popular titles like Spy x Family and Dragon Ball Super.

Kagurabachi Author Reacts To Series Success

Kagurabachi author Hozono Takeru seems to have noticed the meme comparisons of his manga with other established series.

If you check out his X (previously Twitter) profile, you’ll see him engaging with posts about his series, including comments like “Greatest manga of all time.

A promotional video was revealed for the manga:

It’s too early to predict the manga’s long-term success, but Takeru surely couldn’t have hoped for a better beginning.

While many authors strive to build a community early on, “Kagurabachi” already has a substantial following. With the first chapter mostly receiving positive feedback, the ball is now in Takeru’s court.

You can catch the first chapter on the Manga Plus app or website.

And for those who’ve read it, do you think it has the potential to be the next big shonen hit? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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