Re: Zero Author Praises Mushoku Tensei!

After the recent success of Mushoku Tensei anime, there has been a heated debate between fans of Mushoku Tensei and Re: Zero fans about which is the better anime between the two. The situation is completely different for the authors of both series as they are very good friends in real life and often reply to each other on twitter.

Comic Natalie recently held an interview where the authors of both the series, Rifujin na Magonote (author of Mushoku Tensei) and Tappei Nagatsuki (author of Re: Zero) were present.

Interviewer asked Tappei Nagatsuki what he thinks about Mushoku Tensei and how they met each other for the first time. Here’s the summary of their conversation:

Interviewer: Where did you first met each other?
Rifujin: I can’t remember the details where i first met Nagatsuki but I remember around 2013 there was a place where writers who wanted to become novelist gathered and we actually did not each others name. We called each other with our work name “Jobless (Mushoku Tensei)” and “Re: Zero”.

Interviewer: It is said that both of you are reading each others work, may I ask you about the charm of each others work?
Nagatsuki: Want praise from me? (Laughs)
Rifujin: Yes (Laughs)
Nagatsuki: Fun of “Mushoku Tensei” is that I really liked the life of character Rudy. It is said that “Clannad” is life but for me “Mushoku Tensei” is life. The reason why “Mushoku Tensei” and “Re: Zero” are so popular is because the main character does not enjoy it.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation was premiered recently. New production studio “Studio Bind” was also praised for the quality of animation. On MyAnimeList, Mushoku Tensei has got a score of 8.31. Anime is listed with 23 episodes which will be divided in two cours.

Mushoku Tensei follows the story of a 34 year old, who is reincarnated in a magical world as a new born baby. He is gifted with natural magical power with a mind of a grown adult. Soon, he finds himself studying under the powerful mages to hone his skills. He still remains a perverted otaku and uses his knowledge to make moves on women.

Source: Comic Natallie

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