Rent-A-Girlfriend Finally Gets Development That Fans Wanted

Published on March 15th, 2022

It’s been a long five years since Rent-A-Girlfriend has started releasing. But would you believe that in these five years, in which 225 chapters were released, the main couple, Chizuru (Mizuhara) Ichinose and Kazuya Kinoshita NEVER kissed?!

Now this may seem absurd for the series, but I assure you it’s true–well was. As of chapter 226, this is no longer true, since the couple has finally kissed! Not only that, they went a step further and are known to be officially dating! (We’ll see how long this lasts).

If you haven’t been following the manga up till now, (which I wouldn’t blame you for), let me catch you up to speed! Of course spoiler warning for the manga, and almost the entire series. With that out of the way let’s get into it!

Whats Been Happening?

I will now attempt to summarize a majority of the current arc in as few words as possible, so if you don’t want the main plot points and more ruined for you, I would suggest clicking away now.

Ok so, in the current arc of the manga most of our main characters are on vacation on a Hawaiin resort. By mostly everyone, I mean everyone, except Sumire. During this vacation, all of Kazuya’s family and most of his friends, aside from Kuri, Mami, and Ruka, think he is dating Mizuhara. When in reality she’s a rental girlfriend and her being on this vacation is a major breach of the website’s rules.

To put the rest of this arc (extremely) short the rest of the key points will be in jot notes. If you want to go into detail and learn more about this…interesting arc you can read chapters 188 – 227 as this is what I’ll be glancing over.

  • Kazuya plans to confess to Mizuhara but Ruka makes sure the two of them are never alone so this can’t happen
  • Mizuhara doesn’t want Kazuya to confess to her since she knows it will complicate things and tries to avoid him
  • Mizuhara and Kazuya start bonding a lot
  • Mami pulls Mizuhara aside and presents her with an ultimatum, one that will reveal her identity as a rental girlfriend
  • Mami tries to manipulate Ruka into claiming her spot as Kazuya’s real girlfriend, but Ruka shuts her down
  • Mami learns about the ring Mizuhara accepted from Kazuya’s grandmother making her upset
  • Mami manipulates Mizuhara into making her feel guilty for decieveing everyone and forcing her to admit that she has no feelings fo Kazuya
  • Mami presents Mizuhara with another ultimatum to hand in the ring she accepted and drop this whole act, this time she won’t be patient
  • Kazuya rushes over to Mizuhara after some thinking and finally alone he plans to confess his feelings and apologize for this whole mess
  • Mizuhara gets a text from Mami causing her to run off in the middle of Kazuya’s confession
  • We learn Mami’s backstory and that in short, she hates true romance since it was stolen from her
  • Kazuya does…..this
  • Mami “accidently” drops her phone revealing Mizuhara’s rental girlfriend profile to everyone
  • This causes lots of emotions to be thrown around and Kibe demands the couple kiss to prove their love

Chapter 227

All of this leads to the latest chapter of the manga, chapter 227. Where Mizuhara kisses Kazuya in front of everyone, officially marking the couple’s first kiss! From there Mizuhara drops a couple more bombshells. First, she apologizes to everyone for deceiving them and tells them all the truth, that she is a rental girlfriend and when she originally started all of this, she just saw him as a client. Now, however, she reveals that she has developed feelings for him. And finally to close out the chapter she says, to everyone’s surprise, that she is genuinely Kazuya’s girlfriend now.

And that’s the current state of the series. It seems that after half a decade, Kazuya and Mizuhara’s game of dating, not dating has come to an end. Or so it seems. Remember, there are still more chapters releasing in the following weeks, so anything could change!

Where To Read

If this article has piqued your interest in the wild ride of a series that is Rent-A-Girlfriend and you want to read it yourself, you’re in the right place! Sadly, however, the series is currently not available online officially in English. Meaning that if you want to read the manga, you’ll probably have to resort to fan translations.

You can also buy and preview the latest chapters of Rent-A-Girlfriend and more officially on KodanshaComics. If you can purchase the manga, I would highly suggest you do that instead. Doing so greatly supports the author and allows them to give us more chapters of this series.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this latest development. Is this enough to make you pick the series back up? Did you ever drop it? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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  1. And after 5 years, we will be FINALLY see her really know whats shes feeling, that shes really inlove with him..
    My god

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