Sakamoto Days Chapter 138: Release Date and What To Expect

After the impressive Bangkok arc concluded, Sakamoto days have been going strong with the brand-new Assassin’s exhibition arc.

The mystery of Uzuki being possessed by his second personality, allegedly Akao’s, is still set to be unveiled.

Sakamoto Days chapter 138

Chapter 137 brought us the immaculate action between Heisuke, the impressive sniper and friend of Taro Sakamoto, and Kamihate, one of the best snipers in the world. Both of them are surpassing each other with every passing moment.

Although the manga series is published in the big leagues magazine that also publishes One Piece, My Hero Academia, etc., Sakamoto Days’ upcoming chapters are not able to be leaked.

Sakomoto Days chapter 138 release date is October 8, 2023, and here is what to expect from the chapter.

Kamihate’s Reveal (Likely)

It’s been almost ten chapters since Kamihate was introduced into the world of Sakamoto Days as a potent sniper.

But since then, he has not been wholly revealed as he works from the shadows and stays around eight kilometers away from his target.

Kamihate belongs to JAA’s The Order, the criminal group that has been operating for many decades.

He has been out for the blood of Sakamoto for a time now, but his battle was interfered with by Sakamoto’s dear friend, Heisuke, who is also a very skillful sniper.

In chapter 137, both of them one-upped each other with their sniping skills, but in the end, Heisuke got the upper hand and blew his sniper’s scope with his bullet.

With the severe injury that most likely left his eye injured, it might be considered the best time to reveal the identity of Kamihate.

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Uzuki’s Massacre Initiation (In Motion?)

After the Bangkok arc concluded, Sakamoto Days introduced its fans to the brand new arc where Uzuki is set to commit a mass genocide at the World’s Assassin’s exhibition and has almost concluded his initial plan.

With chapter 138, the whole focus can shift from the fight between Heisuke and Kamihate to Uzuki, who is going to be successful with his strategies to take down the world’s best assassins who are set to visit the exhibition for a weapon showcase.

Akao’s Mystery Debunk (Possible)

Since the new arc kicked off, one thing that still has not been discussed properly in the manga is Uzuki’s second personality, Akao.

She evidently died a few chapters ago, but with a sudden plot twist, the whole outlook of the situation changed.

Uzuki allegedly has another personality that serves as an entry point for Akao in his body. Of course, the body remains the same, but his voice, eyes, and everything else are Akao’s.

Akira herself said it was Akao in his body, and she was one hundred percent sure of it.

If we were lucky enough, we could get the proper explanation of how Akao managed to stay alive in Uzuki’s body even though everyone saw her dead body.

Sakamoto Days chapter 138 is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2023, with the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! The chapter will be released at midnight, Japanese Standard Time, on the Manga Plus app.

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