Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238: What to Expect and Release Date

After the massive blow to the fans with chapter 236 of the series, Jujutsu Kaisen has been going as unforgiving as ever.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238

The previous chapter of the series, i.e., chapter 237, presumably killed off one of the most crucial characters of the plot, and it might just have proven the theory that Gege-sensei once told everyone in an interview.

The next installment of Jujutsu Kaisen, chapter 238, is just a few days away. If you are wondering about the Jjk chapter 238 spoilers, the norm for them to surface on social media is every Wednesday, which will be on October 4.

With the chapter just a few days away, here is what you can expect from chapter 238 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series.

Sukuna Prime vs Hajime Kashimo (Sukuna’s Win Likely)

After Sukuna fought and won against Gojo Satoru, Hajime Kashimo arrives on the battlefield to fight against Sukuna, something he has been looking forward to for all of his life.

Hajime Kashimo stands against Sukuna using his cursed technique, Genji Kohasaku.

Genji Kohasaku allows him to be covered in an electrical-type barrier that he can blast anytime, but in return, his body will break once he stops using it.

So far in the battle, both parties have successfully defended each other’s attacks.

However, this might be it for Kashimo, as nobody could ever manage to defeat Sukuna in his original form.

Although the battle between these two rivals began in the previous chapter, in the end, Sukuna regained his old form with four hands and multiple eyes.

Sukuna will likely easily defeat Kashimo in the next chapter, showcasing how powerful he has become. This will, in turn, set the stage for Yuji Itadori to step in and show his potential.

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Hakari Kinji vs Uraume

Apart from Sukuna vs Kashimo, the fight between Hakari and Uraume is currently one of the most anticipated fights in the series.

Uraume arrived on the battlefield on an ice boulder above Sukuna. Uraume wanted to give Sukuna the Yorozu’s gift, a cursed weapon

Hakari instantly arrived on the boulder as he promised ‘someone’ that he would not let Uraume live.

Hakari initiates his domain expansion and manages to suck in Uraume. If we consider Gege Akutami’s writing, the next chapter might take a whole focus on this fight.

Against Hikari’s brute strength, Uraume might not have a chance as he once defeated Kashimo with pure strength.

Uraume’s full potential is yet to be revealed, which can be his chance to prove himself.

The Return of Megumi (Possibly)

As Sukuna shifted from the body of Itadori to Megumi’s, Megumi has been out of the action for quite a while now.

It was confirmed that Megumi was alive, but his soul was getting crushed inside his body as Sukuna had taken over.

But with the previous chapter, Sukuna returned to his original form thanks to Yorozu’s gift, and with that, no traits of Megumi being alive in his body are left.

But, for now, Gege-sensei has not confirmed whether Megumi is alive or dead.

With Gojo Satoru out of the way and Sukuna returning to his original form, the only game changer for everyone is that Megumi causes a disruption within Sukuna and regains control of his body, suppressing Sukuna.

Although no traits of Megumi are evident, there is still hope that he is alive, somewhere inside Sukuna’s body, and will make a definite return!

For some fans, Megumi taking control of his own body might be unexpected, but given how Gege Akutami has been writing plot twists lately, nothing should be out of the question.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 238 is officially set to be released on October 8, 2023, and will mark the continuation of the second act of the Battle of Shinjuku arc.

The upcoming chapters of the series will be available on the Manga Plus app as soon as they are released!

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