Sarada’s Complete Timeskip Design Has Boruto Fans In Awe

In case you haven’t heard, the Boruto manga series is making a comeback after a long hiatus. The series, which took a break at a thrilling climax, is finally on the verge of returning.

sarada timeskip design

Boruto Part 2, officially named “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex,” will be releasing its first chapter soon. As has become customary in the manga community, leaks of the chapter start circulating on social media shortly before the official release.

Thanks to a user on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform), Boruto fans were able to preview some panels of “Two Blue Vortex” Chapter 1.

One of these manga panels revealed the full character design of Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Her time skip design was initially teased, and we knew that a significant change to her outfit was coming.

However, the full design that has been revealed has shocked many fans. In the image, you can see Sakura with short hair, wearing high socks and high heels, a short skirt with a bag strapped to her right leg, and a red and white jacket. One side of the jacket drops below her shoulder, and it seems like the jacket will stay that way, as in other panels, her jacket doesn’t appear to be properly worn.

This is likely an artistic choice, but it could be problematic during fights.

Fans Are In Awe

Boruto fans are in awe of the new Sakura.

“I’ll never shut up about Uchiha Sarada’s full timeskip design. Mama Sakura and Papa Sasuke gave her full access to their vaults and cards. This is what it means to be the daughter of a kunoichi who has tons of responsibilities and a shinobi who takes on the most dangerous jobs,” one netizen commented.

Another fan said, “I was itching to say this for months, but now I can finally officially say it. Sarada’s design surpasses all of Naruto Shippuden’s female cast designs.”

Of course, not everyone agreed with the new design. Some fans expressed dissatisfaction, particularly concerning Sarada’s hairstyle. Complaints emerged that Sarada looked much better with long hair compared to the new short hair design.

Seeing Boruto all grown up did not go unnoticed, even though most of the attention was on Sarada. Many people noted that Boruto has grown much taller than Sarada. Before the timeskip, both were of equal height.

The new Boruto chapter will be available soon officially, and fans can read it for free via Viz Media or the Manga Plus website. Boruto’s timeskip has certainly rekindled interest among many Naruto fans, drawing them back to read the Boruto manga.

Although the Boruto anime series has ended, Studio Pierrot is already hard at work on Part 2. It seems that the Boruto series is here to stay and will continue to compete with the best in the genre.

What are your thoughts on the Saradas new design? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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