Son discovers deceased father’s adult doujinshi collection

A twitter post by a Japanese user went viral on social media claiming to have found an adult doujinshi collection of their deceased father.

A post shared by user @ssig33 on Twitter, which claims that their father had a secret room in the house. No one except father was allowed to enter in that room. After their father died, they decided to check what is in that room and found a lot of adult doujinshi collection.

Story doesn’t end here, apparently when the family found out about this collection, there is now a dispute about the ownership of the materials. According to the user, these doujinshi are worth a lot of money.

The post translates to: My father died, but in life there was a room that he always told us not to enter. This time I decided to go in and found a lot of doujinshi for adults. I consulted with the people I knew, and they recommended that I take this collection to the Surugaya, where they told me it would be valued at quite a lot of money. My family have found out and I was told that I took those things without permission. So now there is a dispute over the ownership of this hentai collection that has already become problematic

This post has gone immensely viral on popular Japanese media. Most people have given advice to the original poster that if they decided to sell the collection, money should be equally distributed amongst family. Some people said to keep as a memory of their deceased father.

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