Sony In Final Negotiation To Buy Crunchyroll

Japanese tech giant is in negotiations to buy crunchyroll for 100 billion yen. If this happens, it will make sony a global player in streaming services alongside Netflix.

Sony own Aniplex and Funimation. In 2017, Sony acquired Funimation and gained a lot of subscribers because of that.

Crunchyroll has over 1000 anime titles, 3 million paying subscribers and 70 million free members all over the world.

If this deal happens, it will be a huge success for Sony, gaining almost 70 million subscribers. Sony also owns popular anime “Demon Slayer”.

Sony’s owned Demon Slayer’s recent film has been breaking sales record in Japan. As Demon Slayer: Infinity Train has already made profit in a week which One Piece: Stampede and Dragon Ball Super: Broly made in thier life time.

Anime Industry in 2018 was worth 21 billion dollar and growing rapidly. After seeing popularity of anime, Netflix also have announced 16 Anime projects for 2021.

This is a great news for anime fans. More competition will bring more quality content for fans.

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