Spy X Family Anime Is Apparently On It’s Way

Published on March 5th, 2021

Spy x Family has been hinting fans since Yonkou Productions tweeted about the anime adaptation on May 27, 2020. The tweet declared that the anime is “still being planned” and “it will be going to be a while away.”

Now a website domain has been registered for Spy X Family and twitter account has also been registered for the anime series, indicating that anime series is right around the corner. Fans are also speculating that Spy X Family anime release date to be April 2022. However, the released date was not confirmed by the production and the creator himself.

The popularity of the manga for the Spy x Family has been growing since the release of the second volume. The said manga has produced 800,000 copies in circulation at the release of its second volume which adds to 2 million in volume 3 while there is 3 million in volume 4.

In 2019, the sales sky-rocketed for over 55% of past sales which has a total of 5.5 million. While in 2020, the manga proves that the story itself is not something that is easily forgotten because fans have grown to love it more by making the sales of the manga in a total of 8 million.

Besides the success in sales and preferences of people, this manga has also become successful in getting first place in the web manga category from the Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2019. The year 2020 also became a golden era for the manga for it was nominated as 44th in Kodansha Manga Award, 24th in Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, and 13th in Manga Taisho which it won the 2nd place.

Spy x Family also proved that they are popular and recognized all over the world by having some of the famous magazines to feature it. A French magazine about anime, Coyote Magazine, features the manga and described it as “a light and intense feel” while the other French magazine named Da Vinci put it in the “third spot” for the January 2021 Book of the year list. While in Japan, most of the well-known magazines like the Brutus magazine featured it in the “Most Dangerous Manga” list while the Polygon described it as “the best comics of 2019.”

The Spy x Family indeed has a grandeur success in the manga, but will it achieve something in its animation too? This is what we will find out once the series gets animated.

Spy x Family is a story about a spy who has a mission that requires a certain requirement and that is to have a family as a disguise. His hired family seems to be normal; however, he didn’t realize that both his daughter and fake wife are hiding a secret. His wife being a mind reader and his daughter as an assassin will make the story feel intense and at the same time, comedic. Even though the anime was not released yet, it will be more fun if you could explore this story with the digital and physical copy of the manga. You can read the manga officially on Viz Website

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