Spy x Family anime shakes up highest rated anime rankings

New released anime, Spy x Family has only 2 episodes out and it is already competing with some of the biggest names in the anime industry.

If you don’t know already, Spy x Family was one of the most anticipated anime of the year alongside Chainsaw Man. The series tells the story of a Spy, Loid forger, who has to quickly arrange a Family for his next mission. Loid adapts a child called Anya, who can hear peoples thoughts. However, just adapting Anya is not enough, as he also needs a wife. Luckily, he finds Yor who agrees to marry him. Little did he know that Yor is an assassin at night.

Even before the anime release, Spy x Family already had an established fan base, all thanks to the wonderfully crafter manga. But still, it is a surprise to many anime fans that the series has quickly become popular enough to compete with top anime series.

My Anime List is one of the most popular sites when it comes to anime ratings. According to their Top 10 highest rated anime list, Spy x Family is ranked 3rd, surpassing anime like Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, and Steins Gate.

But it is still too early to judge where Spy x Family will end up when the season 1 is over. Given that 2 studios (CloverWork and Wit) that are animating the series have proven that they are the best in the business, the ratings of the series are more likely to go up. The anime series is listed with 25 episodes.

What do you think? Where will Spy x Family end up after season 1 is finished broadcasting.

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